Incentive to execute

I wish there was more incentive to perform executions. Like a delayed respawn timer for the victim or a reduced respawn timer for you or lord knows. Say what you want about the game itself but the executions are awesome and I wish I saw them more often.

You can’t go a full game without seeing an Execution already, they serve their purpose. Which is humiliate the enemy and get in their heads


I want more though! There are so many great ones. Garbage disposal (mace toss) hang time (torque bow fire bro the air) the new lancer one where they pick you up with the chainsaw and rev it ohhhh my god it’s great

Arcade gives you more skulls.

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Seriously? It’s for entertainment purposes and smack talk. Why does everything need a motive or a reward in this day and age lol.


Nothing is stopping you from busting those out mid game already, if you dont feel like they’re worth doing then that’s on you

Pretty much guarantees your death unless you get an isolated down. They are probably more cool because they are done every 5 seconds.

The Batista bomb was cool till everyone started worrying about trying to do it rather than the objective.