In theory they could've had leaderboards and masters

Not to beat a dead horse but wouldn’t it have been better to just have masters/rewards and leaderboard/rewards instead of one over the other? Just seems strange to me. To this day I don’t know which ranking system people prefer or which would be the best for Gears.

Having a no reward system is a bad idea though. People like pixels and no pixels equals no players.


This should’ve been what happened. Have a ranked system along with leaderboards.

I prefer the old Ranked system in 5. Contrary to what people said, you still had to be good at the game to rank up. Especially in FFA. In Comp? You can rank up while being AFK.

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I hardly ever play anymore, but when I do, I usually just play quickplay now. No point in playing competitive.

Gears 4s ranked system with 5s leaderboards.

Gg ez.


Define “old ranked.system” because there was that RNG mess pre-OP4 and the GP system in OP4-OP6.

The GP system. Yeah, a team could exploit it but atleast you know exactly whats gonna happen after the game.


Preaching to the choir.


No ranking system, at all.

No issues, no problems. Just playing for enjoyment like it used to be.

TC could have approached ranked in a smarter way.

My idea is that you are allowed to enter the leaderboards only after you reach master rank.

GP accumulates once you reach masters. If you lose the masters entry threshold GP, you lose your spot on the leaderboard.

All key rewards are dispatched upon reaching ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond, Master), like how it was prior to OP7.

I feel this approach would have been able to please both sets of players, GP system lovers and leaderboard lovers too.