In the next gears we should be able to choose whish side of the screen are character is standing in

I feel like a big reason why so many people have missed shots and that you’ll see other players holding their gun in one hand is because the character on the screen is holding holding gun in his right hand but he doesn’t aim like you would in real life he aims up and right I get that it was made like this so you don’t have the character in the way while aiming. But why not when they are aiming the character is transparent with and outline then you let go of left trigger and the character turns solid again. But yea give people a choice if the want the character on the left or right side of the screen and the option of holding in left or right hand. If you are on the left side of the screen your chapter should be holding it in his left hand. It would most certainly have the animation make way more sense

For once I agree with you. TC keeps talking about accessibility and diversity but where are my left handed homies at?

Meh, with the LT cover technique available to temporarily switch sides I’m really not bothered about this.

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