In the next gears there should be a way to attach gun skins to characters

Gears 4 had it better when it came to customization for your character and guns you could set skins for cog and then set skins for the swarm it should be taken one step further and have it so we can assign gun skins to character skins on load outs certain weapons that look awesome with a ronin kantus look lame on a carmine you cant have your cake and eat it too in gears 5 when it comes to custom skins

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One post, one sentence.


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This man is just trying to help Gears, we should all thank him :fire: :fire: :fire:

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No, no, no! You idiot! You were THIS close to having a decent thread that you wouldn’t return to. I would have actually agreed with you, which you wouldn’t have seen.

I’ve mentioned separate faction weapon skin customisation, just as Gears of War 4 has, many times since Gears 5 was launched, which you never would have seen me do.

It was a feature that should not have been removed. I enjoyed having specific weapon skins to match my Black Steel Queen Myrrah and Black Steel Anthony Carmine respectively. How it never made it back was a mystery. But then again most of the decisions made for Gears 5 before launch were a mystery.

Anyway, no. Weapon skins to specific characters? That’s too far. Begone with you.

The cake is a lie.

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He already has helped Gears. He created Submission in GOW2. Didn’t you know that?!

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Gears 6 definitely needs a bigger focus on dresses. I don’t feel there were quite enough dresses in Gears of War 4 or Gears 5.

I mean, Gears 5, the PvE is in a great spot, but the dresses!?! Unacceptable. Dresses first. Dresses second. Dresses third. Then think about mundane things like gameplay, fun etc.

I think lootboxes should return too. For the dresses. After all, a lootbox dress is soooo much better than a regular dress. Amiright?