In the Gears 6 campaign, there should be a minor character named Don Gailo

People who watched yesterday’s dev stream know what I mean :grin:

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Elaborate please

Yes but you need to get 100,000 versus kills to unlock him for versus, and it should only take 10 hours or 100 hours assuming 100 kills per hour, using Dana math :stuck_out_tongue:

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At one point in the stream, Dana was talking about something and tried to say Halo, but still had Gears in mind so he ended up accidentaly saying “Galo”, then everyone in the chat turned that into “G@ylo”.

Then he was talking about his favorite Op4 skins and accidentally said “Farmer Don” instead of “Dom” so people came up with Don G@ylo.

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Now that I have heard this story I would like to sign a petition to have Don Gailo added into Gears 6