In-text Chat [Solution - Highly worked - Op 8]

Firstly, thanks for @WarmJewel54743 for telling the solution basically my chat is worked completely fine.


  1. Accessibility → Text to Speech + Speech to Text → Turned Off

  2. If it doesn’t work, move to Audio → Push to talk + Push to talk audio feedback + voice chat activation → Turned Off

Comment below if it worked for majority of players who can’t use the in-text after you use this method :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be nice to have someone to test this.

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Nice. We can finally communicate with the chat instead of messages.


probably the same, but more convenient :wink:

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The chat is so slow for me sadly, I cant text gg ez as efficiently as a keyboard warrior :pensive:

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It works perfectly every time, I can see all players typing :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t seen any messages yet. But that’s probably because randoms don’t talk.

Find your frds to test out :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean you chat work doesn’t mean random’s chat work.

And randoms usually don’t use the forum and they don’t know how to solve the problem.

Don’t have any friends that play Gears. And everyone here plays Incon/Master and I hate those difficulties.


Oh wait…

A funny annoying thing happened lol.

So I am constantly seeing if chat is working for others in PVE and PVP. So I am in an execution game in competitive, and we have a 3rd round AFK. Just up and decided to sit the round out until they were about to be killed by Torque Bow. Anyway, I tried to send a message through chat and the game froze and threw me back to the dashboard. Now I get a nice penalty to play off.

Ugh Gears 5 am I right lol.

This game is really trash by far, I sometimes can still get GoW502

I just glad I bought this game when steam is in discount.

Buy a keyboard!!!

And a mouse while you’re at it


I legit don’t understand how people don’t have a keyboard connected to their console already. Typing with a controller is more cancerous than even touchscreens.


Some days, you are the most logical person in existence

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My game freezes for a few seconds when I open the chatbox.

They need to fix this issue, I’m on console.

Console players can type in gamechat too



The gamechat or the digital keyboard?

The chatbox that opens when I press the ‘RS’ button while in the scoreboard, or main menu.