In response to the latest PODCAST Gears 5 Ranked PLZ [ TC Vectes ]

A little redundant, but inaccurate … maybe it may be my English that is not the best, but as I understand it, with the “Torda” anecdote the 100% split between the two teams, has impact on the final result, and it doesn’t matter if you lose as long as it is the mvp you over faster.

Do you consider the fact that the kills are an exact number … when one player makes 4 kill’s in a round he prevents another one from getting the same 4 kill’s at the same time the sum was awarded to the primary player?
Does the percentage recognize that time is the main fact?

Another doubt that ugly me at the end of the podcast is about the punishment for abandonment …

The TC considers the sum of all punishments, adding them up to very high numbers, wouldn’t that be the problem for many to migrate to other games while their punishments are ongoing, while not reflecting fewer players in online matches?

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I’m just sick of the podcast over ranked! It’s literally been in the spotlight for like 2 months now. Can we have bug fixes for horde and get classic horde mode added.


It keeps being brought up because bad players who can’t get out of Silver and Gold are shouting about broken ranks… I hope they move on from this. Skilled players have no issue going up and I actually like the fact that it’s not just based on wins and losses alone.


NO! I need to know more about the ranks! I need a four hour podcast, two whiteboards, and a colorblast powerpoint presentation.

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When you have multiple modes within the same game and try to use a rating system for each one the result is very variable, with many collateral errors.

Drawing an imaginary line of 20,000 skill points, and putting all players at 20,000 where -19,000 would be silver or gold and +20,000 would be onxy and diamond.
You would give everyone a better chance to stand or rank more fairly without taking into account as many variables as dropouts, afk players, bad players, porcetaxem division and match equilibrium, where everyone would already start with 100% of chance and -0.99% fractional chance of rounds per round, consecutive.

But putting all the players in that boat required everyone to play which is not the case as there is 1 ranking system for 2 or 3 playable game modes.

Unifying all systems and game modes, we would have one real system for everything, you can consider yourself very good at playing rank but not good playing horde, the system that ranks it all uniquely would not have as many variables.

I’m stuck in silver and I believe I’m a better player than that. I feel like I should be between gold 2 and onyx 1. That’s where I was in GoW4 anyway, actually finished Onyx2 in KoTH which felt like my absolute ceiling. I LOVE that you can go up in rank despite losing. I just carried two games, both losses but one MVP, one of which we were favored in, and I still gained points. That seems fair and right.

My issue though is that the silver tier feels too big, The top silvers are too far from the bottom silvers. Every game I’ve played since release (not literally every, but you get it) seems to have one or two guys who just flat out do not belong in that game. It’s tough to overcome that in any match not just in terms of rank, but fun. It’s not fun to be weighted down by people who don’t know how to play. It’s not fun to pick on someone who doesn’t know to play. Every game in silver feels like a 4v5 or worse and it’s frustrating.

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Have you looked at your stats on

I’m asking because I find most people don’t, and that can definitely open your eyes in terms of ways you can improve. Categories that are severely lacking allow you to see what you’re not great at and how you need to correct your play.

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Just looked now, I didn’t know that was an even an option. I will say that for now Silver is PROBABLY a fine assessment of how I’ve played, though I expect to climb into Gold and mayyyyybe Onyx. Gears 5 has mostly been a struggle for me in that it’s now hard-aim central and hip fire just…doesn’t seem to work anymore. I’ve been playing better the last week or two since making the adjustment. My biggest thing I need to improve (I mostly play KoTH) is my uptime %age. I die a lot because I play the objective a lot and I risk my life for the hill. That feels like the right thing to do sometimes, but overall is not a good strategy. When I’m playing poorly I find myself in a rut of just rushing in and trying to make hero plays. When I’m playing well (the last week or two) I’m prioritizing my survival and just playing smarter.


I really hope that they have separate team’s working on the different game modes.

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