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They’re literally giving away content like maps, game modes, map builder for horde/versus maps that you would have had to pay for in the past.

I’ll take optional cosmetic microtransactions over having to pay for a season pass/dlc map packs any day.

Its a consumer friendly model considering nothing in the store is game changing while the free post launch content is.

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Gears 5 is monetized like a free to play game. Except its $60. They can have optional cosmetics all they want. But the pricing is hilariously bad in this game. These companies literally make huge money off of people addicted to buying cosmetics.


The best thing about Gears 5 is that you can buy it for $60 and never have to spend another penny on it and still get free post launch content.

You can’t say that for previous Gears games or most other multiplayer games for that matter.

You’re not getting the point. It’s still being monetized when it shouldn’t be. I’d take a season pass over F2P in a $60 retail game. The monetization model has no business in a PAID game. The Ult Edition of the game should’ve come with season pass along with early access so that all content after release, (maps, skins, et cetera) is given with it. It’s a flat fee and it’s good. Having MT’s and currency in a PAID game is bad.


The thing is, look at how many maps they were pumping out when it was sold as opposed to now that they are free. Just a thinkin out loud, not really disagreeing with you.

I’m more upset with TC and Microsoft because they don’t care on fix the issues like PC crashing (it happens on Xbox One too but less often)

I’m more disappointed with their behavior, acting as nothing happened or the issues are my fault because faulty hardware when actually this game and Gears of War 4 are faulty…

They admitted that the 2 maps a month in Gears 4 was too ambitious for the studio. We saw from the 24 maps in 2 years that they delivered in Gears 4 that some of them were basically reskins with fog or different time of day or weather changes.

I think if they can deliver 3 maps for each season that will be pretty good and hopefully that gives them time to make good quality maps.

So basically support the game with post launch content for 2 years like they did with Gears 4 without any form of monetization.

Remind me not to get a job at your studio because it won’t be in business for long.

Look, they are part of Microsoft Studios which makes tons of money. They are not hurting. Also, not a free game. So, YES, post launch content for 2 years with a season pass at a reasonable price. No MT’s in a paid game.
Not to mention that G4 had MT’s in it as well, which I didn’t agree with, but at least you could earn scrap to not pay money.


What I find funny is that Gears 4 is still in shambles AFTER TC promised us to fix the game. Now here’s Gears 5 and gas the same issues amongst others. Really?!?!?!? Come on man, why can’t they release the game in better working order. Didnt they learn from Gears 4 and all the FEEDBACK they received.

This is unacceptable and downright wrong. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, TC has to be the worst gaming development team out there. Aside from the campaign (that also has issues) this game is complete poo.

It pains me that my all-time favorite gaming franchise is not playable AND it seems like they won’t be able to fix YET AGAIN!

This is not fair for all if us harecore Gearheads who have stuck around.


Oh yeah sure let’s be excited for characters that were already in the game then cut them so they can release them later on with TC is claiming they’re “new content” Paduk They’re literally locked on disk content


I understand however in the past, (pre Gears4) they were able to pump out many more maps in the same time period when they were being sold through map packs.

I’m greatful that we don’t need to pay for them anymore, but you can tell that companies who adopt this system don’t have the drive to release the maps at a reasonable pace anymore because there is no longer any monetary incentive for them to do so. Instead, they concentrate more on skins and other items and pump those out quicker than you could say Delivery Driver Mac because that’s what’s going to give them some extra income.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is, as much as this system has its pros, it certainly has its cons as well.

So you think Microsoft is just going to keep pumping money into a studio if their games aren’t profitable?

This isn’t the year 2000 anymore. The price for triple A games hasn’t raised in decades and yet the cost to develop and market them sure has. If it isn’t a one and done single player only game they need alternate forms of revenue to keep supporting the game like players want.

Optional cosmetic microtransactions are the more consumer friendly model than forcing people to spend more money on season passes to get more content, in my opinion.

Like I said earlier, you can buy the game and never have to spend more and still get free post launch content. Don’t understand why this is seen as a bad thing.

Because, you’re not getting it at all. It’s not a F2P game. It’s being treated like an F2P and that’s why it’s getting pushback. Gears is not the only game guilty of this bad practice. What year it is doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you’re putting a market in a paid game that was already PAID for. Season pass IS the way to go for content because you’re paying a flat rate. Also, games like Gears and others get by with advertising and word of mouth. If your game stands on its own merits then people tell their friends to play, their friends tell other friends to play, that’s how you get money! It’s not hard!
It’s the principle of the thing.


You can blame that on today’s gamers obsession with cosmetics. I swear people care more about cosmetics than actual game changing content nowadays.

Im quite certain that players who aren’t obsessed with cosmetics would rather have optional cosmetic microtransactions over having to pay for a season pass to get actual game changing post launch content.

You can safely ignore the store and rest easy in knowing nothing in there is going to change the way you play because that type of content is all free.

I wouldn’t. So your certainty is moot. I would rather have a Season Pass that also gives unlockable cosmetic content than have MT’s in my PAID game.


Yeah, that’s where this is heading unfortunately. It’s gonna be a subscription model to play their IPs with microtransactions for added comfort. You’ll be paying $15 per month to play their exclusives. That’s $180 a year not including microtransactions.

I wouldn’t be surprised if next console gen is their last, that is if Gamepass ends up being extremely fruitful for them and they end up fumbling out of the gate in terms of console sales like they did this gen.

Gamepass is already available on PC and I believe they’ve somewhat added XBL functionality to the Nintendo Switch with cross platform games like Minecraft, or at least mentioned it earlier this year. So the idea of MS ditching the whole console marketplace and turning the Xbox brand into one of the main “Netflix for games” service across various platforms isn’t too far fetched.

If we’ve learned anything from this year’s E3, is that a ton of corporations are scrambling to do just that, with MS/Xbox leading the charge.

“You brought this on yourselves!”

- Queen Myrrah.

Relevant, no?