In Memoriam: Dominic Santiago (Secret Achievement)

(RedDoog888) #1

Looking for help and advice. I am at the last part of the Great Escape Act II Cptr 4. The condor is just killing me ugh. Any tips or help. I do not mind grinding for the achievement. I did the swarmak solo.

The really bad think is they place the health indicator right in the middle of the screen as you all know which really make visibility hard.

any constructive help is welcome.

(Duffman GB) #2

What skill level ? I managed it insane after trying several times. You know you can pull back on the stick to give a slightly better FOV . Other than that I think it is just persistence.
Good luck.

(RedDoog888) #3

Hi DuffmanGB,

Many thanks for the reply. If your asking my skill level i am wings 3. Low ranked in versus, cause i am bad at it…ha.

I try the tip. i did not know that.

(J4CKA1) #4

I think he just means what difficulty…

(RedDoog888) #5

oh yes insane. based on what i read you have to do that level to get the achievement.

(J4CKA1) #6

yes you do. idk if you can change difficulties in between or not, but for both easter eggs you HAVE to be on insane.

(RedDoog888) #7


I also think you have to be careful and not throw the tomatoes as grenades which is easy to forget. I did that and had to go back to the check point a few times.
to bad cause on insane the come in handy.

(iLegendairy Cow) #8

If you’re having difficulties with the sentry guns on the wings, aim for either one on the furthest ends instead of the middle to give you more wiggle room. That way you can pick off the rest when you need to. Also, there’s a YouTuber called PersNikity, who does an Insane gameplay walkthrough where he goes over how to complete certain sections.

(HayMaker304) #9

I need to watch that ■■■■ lol. I get smoked in the prologue lmao

(RedDoog888) #10


Thanks for all the feedback. I got this done 2 nights ago…lots of help but let me offer a few things to help.

  1. active reload… very important do it before you hit the 1st engine and do it often when weapon is half drain. you can blow 1st engine of condor before 1st bomb drop. then hit the left engine. you can damage so bad that after second bomb drop it will blow

  2. when bombs are drop look down the map. pull back on right better vision got the tip on here.

  3. pause and take a breath if you get condor down. not check points

  4. turrets. stay in the middle take it out then take out the engine close to plane. do this on both sides. then get the outside turret last on both sides.

  5. When the back opens shot the engine but more important shoot the debris coming out. you get the engine later.

  6. as the condor move around the blades will dig up the ground just follow the wing direction it makes like a Christmas tree pattern and you can turn when the wing goes the opposite direction. do this both sides shoot engine in side. it will blow after both left and right wing dig up the ground.

  7. now if you get this far. stay middle map to jump the wing. some guys think it just happens and the crash.

I save it at the grave yard so it you need to hit me up west coast late night player Reddoog888