In Loving Memory of the Longshot Reticle... RIP

Please observe a moment of silence for the OG longshot sight. May it rest in peace knowing it was way better than the new dumbarse one. The topic came up on the latest developer stream and they said they replaced it with the new b/c it worked better with their ballistic calculator or something. Just a prime example of TC putting their grubby fingerprints on something that nobody wanted them to change. I know it’s not the end of the world but it was iconic and a staple of the GOW series. The funny part is that everything is accurate b/c of the op aim assist in this game so they should have just kept the hex. Some might say removing it has put a hex on TC. I mean changing the longshot sight? sigh smdh.


Idk I prefer the new reticle.


It took a little time but yes I did get used to and prefer the new reticle too.

What I dislike is the new boltok reticle. The darn thing makes no sense to me! I’ve decided to suck it up and try to learn it (boltok has been my favorites weapon since gears 2, where I started) but I’m so afraid they’ll just revert it once I’ve learned it.

And in that same stream, they say the preferred the old one better, forgot to add that to the post.


The only ones I particularly dislike are the Boltok and Markza. The Boltok because 4s was, to me, literally perfect as it showed how bad the dispersion was getting the faster you fired. Whereas 5s doesn’t and still has the “hidden” dispersion value making shots go nowhere when you have a shot lined up straight with an enemy sometimes.
The Markza, mostly because of its “hidden” dispersion value that also makes shots go to random spots despite being aimed right at a head while not being reflected in the reticle much.

Guess this is kind of also taking a fit at claiming to implement “more modern shooter mechanics with recoil”, but still leaving stupid dispersion patterns that add nothing to aim to certain supposedly more precise weapons like the Boltok or Markza.

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Yeah Octus said he liked the old one better. It would be nice for it to come back, but you know it would take like 14 months to implement, so maybe in the next game.

Lmao, so it sounds like it was changed for a reason.

This is a really broken mentality to have.

Personally, when I heard they were reworking the entire recoil system, adding hit markers, and health bars over enemies in PVE, I thought “WTF are these guys doing, and why?”. However, now that I have played with these new mechanics, I must admit that they improve the quality of the experience when playing.

Just because an aspect of a game appears to be perfect, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.


That’s a real shame, Buster. I mean it’s a realistic sight, great. I get that this is Gears and not Gears of War, but this is an example of how by changing things that never should have been changed has negative consequences for TC. To this point, I have 4 likes on my post and you have 4 likes saying the opposite. If TC never changed the longshot sight you wouldn’t have been mad, but they did and although you are a fan of the new sight, I am not and it makes me mad. Then what happens is it creates this 50/50 divide between smart and dumb people that TC is constantly trying to reconcile.

I like the new reticle over the old one.


There’s nothing better about the old reticle other than “muh original GOW!”


Yea the Gears 5 Boltok Reticle makes me even more ■■■ with the gun than I think I should be lol

It’s not broken logic. Ever heard of the phrase 'if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Sure there is always room to advance stuff, but I never heard anyone say the longshot sight needed to be reworked. For me it was something that should never change with this game; obviously TC felt differently. Clearly there are people who like the new sight and people who like the old sight, but again, if it never changed than nobody would be mad.

Maybe instead of making bloodsprays they could make a couple different reticles and we could choose our favorites for each weapon. I don’t hate the new one, I just love the old one.

Geeze! Why’s everyone try to go for the throat in here? I posted this at 3am last night after 3 hours of horde and by the end I just wanted the old reticle back. SUE ME.

Plus, new isn’t always better. My 1995 Polaris Sportsman 400CC is noticeably faster than my 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570CC. Sometimes the older stuff was built to last and the new stuff was built for now.

Maybe the people that I can’t see going for the throat might be mad at this?

Agreed 100%.

I hate the new weapon reticles, always have and I much prefer the older style.

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I like the new one better for the longshot… kinda gives me the feeling that im THE PREDATOR.


This was a comment made in jest, sir. Although, I do believe the point about TC trying to please two different sides is where a lot of the issues with the game are occurring. Momma always said you can’t have it both ways.

I liked the old reticule but disliked how there wasn’t a pin point where shot was gonna go. Still prefer that one,mainly due to it just feel like gears more to me.

I also prefer the old one but I wouldn’t call it “iconic”

It only divides people for as long as you make and issue out of a non-issue.

It’s a damn reticle. It doesn’t matter what shape it takes.

Yeah sure “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Also think of “If it works that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.”

Whether or not you think the new reticle is an improvement, it’s more accurate for non-scope firing which makes the Longshot A) easier to use, which may get the “Filthy CaSuAl” claim and B) also makes the Longshot more viable in close-range combat, if you’re ever stuck or get ambushed. I’ve done much better I noticed with the new reticle.

TL;DR, it’s only an issue for as long as you pretend it’s an issue. And hey, maybe TC will add an option to change the reticle to the classic variation for $2.50.

Also what? Are you saying fans of the new reticle are dumb and old reticlers are smart?

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So that is what makes the Boltock feel so off. I’ve been trying since launch to get as good with it as I was with it in Gears 4 to no avail