In lobby pings are wrong (EDIT : solved)

I’m very tired of dying to incorrect looking stuff.
Including (but not limited to) :
When i’m in cover.
When they are still in cover.
When I’m behind them.
When they are looking at someone else.
When standing at someones shoulder.
When the other guy is mid-animation, roll, roadie, mantle.

This list could go on for a while…although an all time favourite was dying before is was gibbed and managing to be alive and slide into cover with the death omen up, then getting gibbed from somewhere.

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Holy crap, you nailed the reasons people are mad at this game right here!!!

Hey mate,

I’m actually confused about the pings alsO.o

I’ve checked Match Making option in Settings menu, and it was clearly the same as before, so either pings are the same or Matchmaking is faulty.
Either ways, I’m struggling to land a hit in Thursday’s up to Monday’s…

The pings are now more in line with Gears 4 and even the Tech Test, I always felt they were inaccurate since launch of 5 and too high.

@III_EnVii_III Time for to get back to top 1%…Don’t bribe the player though :stuck_out_tongue:


Fake pings :clap:


The connection is very good now, but the gnasher is still too inconsistent


When the ranking system works maybe :joy:

At the moment, it makes no sense.

Dropped 92 Elims, MVP but lost 2-1 and went down like 32 points.

Got 68 Elims, MVP and won 2-0 and gained 3 points.


The ratio of gaining and losing points despite a MVP Performance is silly!

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I don’t know about correct or wrong values,I can feel how the game responds without need to check ping,and now it feels GREAT.

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I had a single digit ping back in late 2018 on Gears 4. It felt good.

I’ve never really took notice of the ping, because I believe the bigger issue is the input delay. Its alright having a 20ms ping to EU servers, but when input lag is at 110ms, you might as well have a ping of 130ms on your screen.

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So we have and answer to this from the latest stream (32:30 mins).
They are saying they have removed the “NAT/server processing ping times” to make this game show the same pings as other games do.
Which is odd as other games have pings aligned with what I usually see in gears and not this new amount hitting as low as 3ms. In most games I have 15-20ms ping.

Having a read through this thread it seems we have lost 15ms ping with this display change.
I do wonder if people have seen bigger drops though? As some guy in the stream seemed to have had his ping drop by forty or fifty ms.
The ping difference strikes me as something that should be universally the same for all players.

Well at least part of my post was bang on, This is obviously tc’s new way of claiming that pings are better in it’s lobbies, Now making everyone’s connection a little bit better. :face_vomiting::disappointed:

It still won’t explain how I’m getting into games with pings 10, 20 times higher than mine.


My drop is about 10-15ms.

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Hopefully this bears out the same with all players.

I’m not a fan of tc’s new way to mask pings.

All i can say is game has felt great since the update. No lag. Not sure what was the change that fixed it though.

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the ping that is displayed is simply not correct and you can easily prove it. they are kidding us

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