In lobby pings are wrong (EDIT : solved)

So I take it everyone has noticed that their ping has got massivly better for no reason?
Looks like they’ve let the mathmatically challenged intern loose on the ping calculation this time, and my own ping is now down by 10-15ms. Thats a drop of up to 75% !!!

This is obviously not correct, my best in game ping to a server located in london (which ms doesn’t have) has at best 10ms ping. So these new pings are very much incorrect, if not outright laughable.
I should be around the 15-20 mark, as I am on every other game using the same datacenters.
Has everyone else’s pings dropped by just 10-15 or are we looking at a % drop?

Kinda reminds me of a similar issue they had for months in g4

What do we reckon guys, is TC trying to mask how bad other players pings are in the lobbies or is this a genuine mistake (again)?

Please share your laughably impossible ping screenshots here.

EDIT : So we have and answer to this from the latest stream (32:30 mins).
TC are saying they have removed the “NAT/server processing ping times” to make this game show the same pings as other games do.
As no other game I’ve played shows ping this low, I’m going to say I called it and TC are using this to try and mask how abysmal the pings are that MM chucks together. 30ms is the new 50ms.
Bad show TC, bad show.

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Someone just said in another post that they fixed the ping display issues. That they were wrong before yesterdays update.

Plus they supposedly added a new server in Europe.

Nah man they be wrong now,
I cant hit that kind of speed (8-3ms) there’s no london datacenter, and even then that would only hit 10ms.

Every oher game has pretty much the same ping, gears uses the same datacenters.

Did you check the settings where it shows your ping to every data center? Mine matched up. And there is a new European data center on the list.

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Not yet, but they were wrong when this happened on gear 4 too.
I take it your eu then? As I’ve seen you post on your ping dropping.

I’d be hesitent to think they improved it that much and simutaneously made it better for spanish players , from the screenshot above. The new datacenter woudl have to be pretty close to the uk or in it to get pings this low (and even then 3ms is not happening).

I’ll check it out though and read up on the new server locations.

Im USA. And my ping dropped. But more importantly the game feels a lot better.

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My ping went from 60-70 in Brazil to 45-55. Overall it felt better last night but low ping warriors (1-5) clearly had extra health.

Mantle kick and gnasher to the chest? 83%. All those missed up-a’s? All of them 1 ping.

I left with a better impression overall but it could just be a placebo effect,

Didn’t check my data center ping or really pay attention last night but the game felt like trash to me.


Any links on the new datacenters?
The only one I can find for 2020 was for upcoming spanish ones.

Yeah that sounds like it’s gone wrong then, it’s doesn’t just magically get loads better.

Wish mine has played well :frowning_face:, it felt as bad as it always does for me.

I just checked… Showing 16, usually I’m between 30 and 60.

Game feels like trash still, bad lag

Thats makes it 3 for 3 so far then. It doesn’t half look like tc have messed it up.
It’s tc’s new secret weapon to make trash pings look half decent. :thinking::rofl:


Pc or console? A lot of people i know saying it feels great.

PC or console for you too just wondering?

Just for reference the games never felt right, online is hideously inconsistent.

Hmm maybe its the PC related fixes then that made it feel so much better.

Could be, they stealth messed with the initial damage again and now it’s down from 525 to 517.5 ( I think). there’s a tweet on the forum somewhere.
Maybe it made the gibs more reliable like the 11/2 update?

Console… Feels terrible lag wise

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So tired of being downed while behind cover