In hindsight, maybe new maps aren't that important. (Poll Inside)

I mean, since the beginning of Operation Two, about four months ago. I have played on Allfather’s Arena only a handful of times, Lift twice, and have yet to see Pahanu or Canals even come up for vote yet. I almost exclusively play this game on 3-4 maps. District, Foundation, Training Grounds, and Icebound.

So, if I am being completely honest with myself, new maps have had very little impact on my experience in this game so far. I am certainly not expecting them to make separate playlists or anything like that, just when a map is brand new, make it’s possibility of being in the voting pool higher than the others.

I would appreciate if everyone took the time to vote in this poll really quick.


I think the poll is a little flawed. I don’t know why it’s relevant if I’ve loaded up Pahanu in Beginner Horde a few times. Solo for some tour objectives. So this had nothing to do with map voting.

New maps are very important man. In VS Allfathers and Lift are voted for 95% of the time they come up.

When Im looking at custom lobbbies for horde:

OP 2 - with 12 pages to choose from 75% were lift and allfathers

OP 3 - all Im seeing are the new maps mostly

I’m not all that excited for new maps because I honestly think TC is horrible at making them. Give me legacy Epic maps.


THIS! 100% this. I couldn’t have said it better myself. All I see is how much people hate gridlock but I’d much rather play that than a map like icebound.


You’re right, they aren’t important. Even an army of new maps couldn’t lift Gears 5 out of the impressive hole it’s dug for itself.


I mean yes, I could have specified in the poll that this is exclusive to public matchmaking. I just figured if you read my post this was implied already.

I guess that’s a matter of opinion but I don’t see anyone clammering for Day One, Tyro Station, any Judgment maps besides Library and any Gears 3 maps besides Checkout for the 4th game in a row.

I was cool with it, but people here weren’t happy about Canals coming back recently.

I dunno if you missed some of the map threads during Gears 4 life but Day One was brought up a few times, Judgments version of Blood drive was brought up and used as an example that if they keep bringing the same maps back to change it up like this one was

@GB6_Kazuya LOL this is getting out of hand man hahahahaha :smile:

and yes the maps are important … its like have a sports car with no different roads to use such car…

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I certainly brought Day One and Nowhere up in a thread or two, though that was more for nostalgia.
Day One is basically a bigger Raven Down except with less cover. If people thought Gears 5 was a lancer fest with Pahanu, Day One would be another trip back to Gears 2, but for the wrong reasons.

However I’m all for changing up legacy maps like Depths having a two-way staircase towards the center and Cove removing the north side gap that kills the flow of the match.

My point however is that little changes like that are pretty indicative that Epic made a lot of dumb decisions with legacy maps left and right. The fact that those maps NEED changes like that are damning.
I can’t say much of the same for a lot of TC maps besides Reclaimed and that got a minor update to make it even less of a campsite.
Weirdly enough I kinda wish Reclaimed Windflare was in it’s place to further encourage movement.

Personally, and I may be alone here, I would love for them to bring back a handful of the original maps. I remember grinding the original few gears of wars and I think it would be fun to have that nostalgic factor. Even if they made it a specific game type that is just old maps so those who despise it dont have to play. I would honestly invest a ton more time into versus if those maps came back personally: Gridlock, Raven Down, Clocktower, Fuel Depot, Mansion, Rooftops to name a few. Dont do too much to them, leave them as they were. Just thinking about it makes me miss the original, May have to dust it off and play it again.

Thank the gears gods you haven’t had to play panahu in vs. It’s the worst gears map I’ve ever seen. Maybe if they cut it in half… Or made it an ffa map… Short of that it’s terrible.

On a side note I think Allfathers is one of the best TC made maps and most likely in my top 15 overall, it’s very fun to play to me for some reason