In gears pop you guess have to crack down on cheaters

In gears pop you really need to crack down on cheaters because this is literally the 10th person that does a time glitch or lag me out of the game an wins the match if your not going to band cheaters or hackers less you can do is not take away cog wheels from us my gamertag is MOBKnightmareMZ but the cheater gamer tag was _______ and I wish I would’ve had the other guys names I swear everytime I got a five win streak in gears pop bam cheaters and hackers start to play you need to drop the ban hammer an some of these guys really be top leader boards with pins that are lvl one or two like really I have lvl 14 an 13 for my pins I spend money and your telling me cheaters can beat me really when my decks have more skill I will stop playing until you fix this immediately I can’t stand hackers cheaters and just people that don’t play the game on mobile there’s people even finding ways to hack an play the game on there pc’s I’ve seen it all on YouTube there’s crystal glitchers and even time hackers even people that lag you out you have to make your mobile game better honestly an jack shouldn’t be able to hi-jack any purple card it’s not balanced if you have a gold pin better the a purple that’s where you messed up your own game

Never played pop but u cant call ppl out in the forums, this thread will get locked by a mod.

It’s calling them out by name lol.

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He or she has edited the post sice i made that comment🙄

At least now it wont get locked

Oh yeah I see the edit thing :man_shrugging:t2:

Wow. :roll_eyes:

I never edited the post only reason for calling them out of there name is because they cheated and I put my gamertag so you can see it for yourself there’s a lot of cheating going on I really pay money an play the real way an I get beat by these losers that cheat I hate it man

You relay that to TC. Public accusations on here go nowhere good.
(and, BTW, it shows you edited it)

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But hopefully you guys can help me an we can start dropping ban hammer on these cheaters please guys I need everyone to see this let’s make gears pop an amazing mobile game that we can have it be competitive like gears 5 an people maybe can win money in real life tournaments for it please guys it’s a good game just needs to be watched more an also needs to drop ban hammer on cheaters