In Gears 5 ranked, Ping is King?

I did my 5 placement matches last night in ranked KotH and noticed a trend: one team would have teammates with very low ping (8-10) who would completely dominate the opposing team who would all have pings in the 30-60 range (I was always on the losing, high ping team lol).

In my second match a guy with an 8 ping racked up 30 kills before anyone on my team could muster up 5. He was legit unstoppable and I had some really good teammates. None of us could do anything, full on point blank active reload gnasher shots were giving us 50% damage while this guy was powdering everyone regardless of the distance. Needless to say I’m not going to be playing anymore ranked so I’m not here to complain too much, I’m just more curious as to why it always seems the opposing team would have 2-3 unstoppable guys with such low pings? It’s like facing multiple hosts. At this point there are so many skilled Gears players that giving anyone an advantage like this is pure overkill.

Get better internet.

At least you didn’t say “get gud Internet” :smile: When I play arcade my ping is 15-20 but is much higher in ranked for some reason.

Fact is ppl with lower ping shouldn’t be placed on an even field like gears 4. Great ping players suffered as a result as low ping and laggy players got a huge advantage.

There’s no real solution, it’s just how it is