In Gears 5 can we get more weapons slots

In Gears 4 we have the COG, Swarm,& Horde with there 14 gun skins. In Gears 5 can we get like 2 or 3 weapons skins how can you say it page’s per COG, Swarm, & Horde and the ability to pick your favorite weapon skin set page before a Vs. or Horde match because of all the awesome weapon skins that TC puts out and it helps with tracking weapons sets. Please


I think what he means is can we get 3 customisation menus that we can customise in advance which allows us to quickly change weapon skins without having to go through each individual weapon.

For example let’s say you have 3 menu slots, you set up menu 1 as the Phantom skins; menu 2 is set up as the Emerald Phantom; and menu 3 as the Pink Phantom (as an example). Players can switch between each menu to quickly change your entire weapon skin load out without having to change each of the 14 individual skins.


That’s not a bad idea.

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Maybe another addition, is if you manage to complete an entire weapon set (e.g.: if you manage to collect all of the Pink Phantom skins) you get an extra function button in the customisation menu to “change all skins to Pink Phantom” for ease of access?

Or perhaps even if you don’t have the full set, you can just switch what you have with a “switch all available” button? That way if your cursor is hovering over the Pink Phantom Lancer you can choose to equip all available weapons with that skin?


What about custom themes saved for each character for a quick setting? How about them apples?

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So… just like Gears 3?

If not this then allow us to just equip and entire skin set or just whichever ones we have if we’re missing a couple

I posted a similar thing a few months back.
It would be great to have weapon skin sets already matched to certain characters, most shooters have this option now, Titanfall has loads of loadout slots for example.
At least we have the three slots already though.

likewise it would be good to customise and “lock” the initial loadout to certain characters, assuming we get the choice of a few more starter weapons, but even if not we do have a few options.

I’m sure (hopeful at least) we will be happy with what 5 offers us

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Definitely agree with this and wondered why it was never jntroduced

Title is confusing but I would definitely like to see different “outfits” so that we don’t have to spend forever combining weapons skins when we want to switch.

I like the idea of loadouts. Give us like 5 or 10 loadouts where we can set our character and skins so we won’t have to swap 14 skins for COG and Swarm each time.

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