In Gears 5 can we get a Horde type mode that we can play as any Swarm Character

Bring back Horde Mode is a must
But can we also get a new game mode where we can play as any Swarm character vs. COG in 50 waves

On a side note:
Beast Mode & Overrun Mode was cool also but still would love to play as all my Swarm characters.

Some extras:
Medic class and weapon skin on the repair too &
A way where we can see the level of everyone’s cards and skill classes hate running with low cards & skill classes players and would help to see the strength of my lobby.

PS. Almost forgot do you guys remember the map
Rig when you can mound a man turret inside the Raven Helicopter that could be like a boss wave if we was to fight the COG.


This has been brought up a few times. People love to argue that it wouldn’t make sense story/lore wise but that’s very justifiable.

I support the idea even though it will never happen. Too bad since there would be profit to be made on TCs end.


The lore-argument is silly though. The thing with anything outside of the campaign, is that it doesn’t really fit into the lore necessarily. You can choose characters that in the campaign lore, shouldn’t be allies necessarily. Or who did not exist together in that timeline (e.g.: Tai or Anthony Carmine, together with JD and Kait).

The main thing with a Horde mode centred around playing as Swarm/Locust against humans, is that there are currently limited ways to create human enemy variants. With the Swarm and Locust, you have all these different species and sub-species to use, but humans are just normal bipedal creatures of one particular height and build. You’d need to start throwing in technology like the Silverbacks to add variety to the enemy.

I think Beast mode was fine. It had a balance to it, but could be expanded upon to make it longer. I’ve always thought that short mini-missions would work nicely using smaller variants of campaign maps where you play as a small team of Swarm/Locusts - class-based, and have an objective like sabotage a COG weapons depot, or assassinate or capture a VIP character and then fight your way to an extracton point.


This, 100%. Bring back Beast Mode. Personally it was much better than playing any Horde as the humans.

Whoever would argue it doesn’t make sense in terms of lore is just a plain moron. Nothing more.

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I’m pretty sure they will. Not a ton of work. Will satisfy a lot of people. Well also give Horde players reasons to get Swarm skins.

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Well, use Swarm skins anyways. I was content with the idea of Swarm skins usually being associated with Versus events/achievements while Human skins with Horde.

If they bring something like Beast mode back, maybe have something similar to the Savage Theron in Gears 3 like X points as such-in-such Swarm character in Beast mode unlocks that skin in Versus.

I know a lot of people who only play Horde and they feel like Swarm skins are worthless to them. These are the kinds of people I was referring to.


Legendary swarm characters are an epic horde skill

Only thing I can see being hard would be COG bosses

I mean I know they have the Kestrel and that could be associated with the COG

But you have the carrier,Snatcher and Brumak

I mean what could you have for bosses for cog and how would they navigate around the maps now?

I hear ya. Maybe skin unlocks for certian “classes” of Beast mode characters.

A drone “class” uses the default Swarm Drone, but Beast mode follows the same system Versus and Horde does right now where players can change the appearance to, say, an Elite Drone or whatever.

Color Blast JD. Why would you need any other bosses?



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The map (Rig) had a man turret inside a Raven that flew around the map that would be an ideal for COG boss wave



Jack Jr

Good call good call. Totally forgot about that

Please tell me he’d send out Zombie JDs (the size of Juvies) to attack us, that’d be a dream come true…

…not really.


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It’s definitely a Raven :+1:


So Cog side so far

We have

Jack JR/ Second Betty

What else could we come up with? Maybe Delta squad? Onyx Gaurd?

I personally think it would be great. Give Horde players a Reason to collect Swarm/Locust skins and be something different from the standard horde play.

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Some people I heard said they would love a Overrun/Horde/Beast mode with players on both teams but 1 has the Horde on their side. I think it’s kinda cool. I really liked Overrun and Beast mode.

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