In-game stats are broken

Has anyone figured out how to fix the Stats page? I have seen post where people are able to reliably track their in-game stats but mine have been broken for a year or more. It shows that i have 1 day and 8 hours in versus even though i have 44 days and 34 mins showing in the Xbox stats page. I have played so much more than the game shows, and non of the stats are correct like amount of kills etc.

Has anyone found a way to fix this? I have uninstalled/reinstalled, signed in through xcloud and gotten the data sync, i have done the acheivement progess refresh method (where you sign in as a 2nd profile and then switch to primary account, which did help with achievement progress) but nothing has fixed or even slightly changed the stats page.

No way to fix it. My stats are completely wrong. Apparently the campaign is the most played mode for me with hundreds and hundreds of days played.

That really sucks. Its not the end of the world I guess, but it really sets off my ocd and is just kida disappointing. Thanks for the reply.

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Yeah OCD is horrible. Whenever my girlfriend gets turned on, I have to turn her off again.

So are mine lol it says I’ve played 220+ days of campaign.

Shwazz! Im following your tutorial rn for getting the damage achievement using the flame greanades on mercy