In-game Purchasing with Iron

Alright so I spent about 60 dollars in Gears 5 on just iron and I bought the Deluxe Carmine Bundle. Since I had so much Iron I decided to try to buy another bundle and that is the Operation 2 Bundle. I have to buy it with money though and I already spent a good bit on this game and I can’t get a refund for the iron so what I’m asking is, why can’t I buy some bundles with iron but with others I can. I just don’t get why they are sold with different units. My questions are this: 1. Why not sell everything for the same unit such as money or iron. 2. If you’re going to sell items for different units then what is the point of having iron? Like is there a specific reason that they are sold for different units?

Someone get back to me soon.

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At first, iron was the only way to purchase items.
A few months ago, Gears Coins were introduced as a currency earned through gameplay. The store was redesigned. Iron was left in a sort of limbo. Now it is really only used for rolling daily objectives, boost, or a brief window of exclusivity on some cosmetics.


Yeah I’m slightly confused by it. I thought they said they made the change because of eSports accounting purposes and that only eSports would be sold for money now, whereas things like non-eSports bundles would be sold for iron. Yet here we have Year 1 Delta and other recent bundles being sold exclusively for money. Gotta be annoying for someone who decides they want to drop some cash on Gears 5 stuff but then see the store segregated between iron and money items and not being able to decide which route to take.

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They really should make everything worth iron.

I think for accounting purposes the esports aren’t… but I don’t even know if that’s true.

Even so if it is true then esports can be worth money but everything else iron.

I’d say it be easier on us if everything was just up for iron & coins.

Makes life easier

Yeah is odd how some bundles are cash and some are iron. Should be either really but more of a money maker I guess

Nothing odd about it. Look at the lame new day skins or the terminator skins. They are not gears. Hence why they can only be bought with money! Do you really think Vince McMahon wants to give you a discount??? Ah no! Because if everything was purchased through iron for example you could earn iron through TOD and get new day or Grace for FREE! Gamers would love it but this is not a good business move.