In game purchases

So do you guys think the in game items in Gears 5 will be bought with cash or TC’s own currency? Say Cog Coins?

Scrap and Iron.

I’m more talking about ‘loot boxes’

You can’t purchase them. You earn them every hour in form of Supply Drop.

Maybe this will help you.

Hmmmmm. So what you’re saying is I can earn the AAPE a bathing ape skin?

I put in game items to cover everything digital, be it characters or skins.

Maybe. Might need enough Iron for that. You can earn Iron free from Tour of Duty rewards.


I don’t think so. The AAPE skins were said to be available “in-store” so you’ll need to spend the equivalent of real money on it.

As others have said, the GOW5 system is:


Through playing the game, you will generate Supply Drops which give you randomised customisation skins from the game’s core pool. A bit like the launch, series 2 and series 3 skins in GOW4 I guess. These skins cannot be acquired using real money.


Scrap is exactly as it is in GOW4. When you get duplicate cards they are auto-scrapped to generate Scrap, which is used to craft things of your choosing from the Supply Drop pool.


This is the “real money” option. You buy Iron from the shop, which is then used to buy exclusive items.not acquirable from Supply Drops. No information about the exchange rate yet, but it will probably be close and comparable to GOW4 where the equivalent of about $10 USD for a character skin.

Limited amounts of Iron can be earned from Tour Of Duty challenges, but I suspect this wouldn’t even come close to enabling you to buy everything in the Store.


I read an article where Ryan Cleven calls the in game microtransactions “player friendly” which I hope is true…

Here is the article…

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Whoa, supply drops every minute!? So a game of horde that (well in G4) took an hour or two you’d get 60+ supply items?? I don’t know how horde skills will be obtained or leveled in G5, but I would guess you’d need more scrap/duplicates that you do to level skills in G4.
I actually don’t mind the way you get horde skills/skins/characters now in G4, but what I don’t like was how time consuming it is to open every pack, which has way too much unnecessary animations, and the painfully tedious searching for items you want to scrap. Which also has ridiculous animation lengths!

Where does it say “every minute”?

I’d imagine that every minute of gameplay counts toward a Supply Drop, but it is unlikely to be a single minute unit. More likely it will be every 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and even then we’re not sure of the specifics - e.g.: do you get a single card per Supply Drop? Do cards have different values (Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary - or equivalents) and if so how does this work in terms of frequency of drops based on value?

True. I suppose that doesn’t have to mean literally every 60 seconds, I guess that’s just the way I read it.

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You also have to take into account that we still don’t know how long is the bar that we have to fill up to get a Supply Drop. Maybe certain game modes will give you more points to fill it up than others or it could just be tied to time played only. We will find out soon.

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It’s tied to whether you have Boost or not. Without would be full speed. Boost would be 2x speed. But it was mentioned somewhere about it being 1 hour. So maybe 30 minutes with Boost.

From what I understand you get a supply drop for every 1 hour of playtime.
You get horde skill cards after every 5 completed waves and higher difficulties have a higher chance to award rare skill cards.
You start out with all horde skills unlocked and level the skills up by obtaining duplicates.
At hero level 1 you can only equip 1 skill and that number rises as your hero levels up.

I believe duplicates are automatically scrapped, with the exception of the duplicate horde skill cards that you need to level those skills up.