In-game Install stuck despite saying complete

I’m having this issue where I start the game, it asks me what I want to prioritize as the download, but right after says it is complete, despite the bar at the top showing it is not.
I stay stuck at 0% and nothing happens, I can see the icons of download right next to the modes.
I have downloaded through the Microsoft Store. The download is complete.
I already have uninstalled, reset the software, reset the store, reinstalled on a different drive, used a complete uninstaller to clear the registry, and yet the error persists.

Does anyone know what this might be?

I know the post is old, but … did you solve this problem?

No, I dodn’t solved the problem throuout the beta and now that I have downloaded the full game, the same problem persists.

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I am having this same issue !! Stuck on 99%