In future, I would like to see players' class exp when they join in-progress please TC

I don’t know what other players would say about my post. But at least as a host I should know who is less and high class exp when players join in-progress game especially when I’m playing on masters. Many players join the game with less experience on certain class. Had one today, when I wasn’t the host, JD didn’t had razor hail, I could easily tell when he shot the warden with his boomshot the warden didn’t bleed and he was also low re-up to. The host didn’t bother kicking him out. For that reason we got wiped in wave 30 :roll_eyes:.

I would like to see it next to their re-up (class experience). It could help.


Yeah. I’d also like to see what cards they have equiped full-stop including what level it is.


That would be awesome.

Yeah I really hate those lvl 1’s that join a masters lobby and try to lvl up quick without contributing. If I see a Kait/JD shoot something and it isn’t bleeding I kick them. 12 is my minimum for masters.

Certain types of people will use it to gatekeep their preferred way to play a class.

“O you are using fahz without embar mastery, kicked.” Why is this idiot playing as clayton without projectile reflector? “Equip it now or you will be kicked.”

I understand the desire to have this feature but 99% of the people that get it, will be a bell end about it. kicking very viable setups because they the kicker don’t know that the setup they are about to kick someone for using is good, just different to what they have learned/read is good.


Seems like they should just make friends if it’s like how you say.

I’d rather not have more pathetic gatekeeping in this game please.


Also Re-ups mean absolutely nothing idk why people keep bringing that up. I’m a low re-up willingly because the rewards are so pathetic I don’t even wanna bother and almost all of my characters are 13-15 or above. I think I’m like 11 or 12 Re-up or something idk.

Maybe if you said default skinned characters probably because then I’ll for sure know what you mean because typically those people are green as grass.

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So none of you were capable of taking out the Warden? You figured it was easier to just blame the JD rather than yourselves for incompetence?

Oh and you also think it’s a kickable offence that he doesn’t have the cards you would pick? No, I disagree people should be able to see more details on individuals for this reason.

If you want a Horde match with everyone using the “correct” cards and to know everyone’s level progress, set up a private lobby with friends and discuss accordingly.


Kinda pointless now, considering most people who’ve played Horde semi-seriously have their characters maxed out already at Level 18, plus seeing someone’s card loadout sounds terrible in practice, I rather not get kicked from a session only because I have a few level 4 cards currently equipped.


Seeing other ppls cards wont happen, confirmed by Michael shannon.

I never mentioned that “the team struggled on warden.” All I said that the JD didn’t had the bleed on, therefore, I only suspect that he was lower level on JD.

Before the host (Del) started the game on Vasgar we had Del, JD, Jack (me), Paduk and Cole. JD left on wave 23 and then we had another JD to replace him the same player who wasn’t getting any kills. The only time we ever struggled was against Swarmak on wave 30.

I give credit where it was due to Cole and Paduk, they were the ones who kept the game alive. Apart from that, you could ask yourself the question wouldn’t been lot helpful if JD had the bleed on especially when you are playing on master difficulty?

The vast majority of any MP game is randoms with or against randoms, allowing someone as host this level of freedom would kill the mode in one form or another.

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Not all players have friends that play on gears 5, hence, why they play solo.


Let’s recap then.

It’s heavily implied, poor wording perhaps. Anyway, you didn’t “suspect” he was a low level, you more or less claimed he was and declared him single-handedly responsible for the whole team’s drastic failure.

While the “bleed” card may have helped, it wouldn’t have guaranteed victory nor should’ve even been considered imperative anyway. How you all fell is a joint effort.

I’m aware of that but the point still stands. If you want to be picky, the art of communication will assist you. Otherwise, accept the consequences of random teammates.

Lfg & make friends.

I’ve made many.

That would be helpful so you know what set they are running (example being Clayton since he has many different builds) so you can work with it better.

But at the same time, it can make people kick happy.

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I think it’s a terrible idea. On paper it sounds good but it will only create arguments and endless kickings. The know it all’s will just hound people to change cards cause they…know it all! Games will end up dissolved before they start due to arguments. This might even happen between friends.

It is all but inevitable.

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Yeah but Razor Hail is JD’s bread and butter, so like not having it is a severe disadvantage.

So let me get this straight, you just expected your fifth to single-handedly carry you guys past every boss wave? Because none of your roster had a great damage dealer, all you had was some tankiness and a bunch of damage mitigation (optimistically speaking) so instead of taking responsibility for forming a bad team around him you blame them for everything. You would’ve been lucky to win even as me as JD on your team.

It could also be used in a positive way, where if you’re new at the game and trying to learn different classes and synergies and such you could have a better reference point, so instead of me having to explain my builds they would just learn naturally you know? It wouldn’t all be bad is my point.

Gears 5 is a complex Gears game in terms of PvE, giving players more info would probably help regardless.

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