In freaking one match

I understand people are having issues with losing points for no reason when winning games and getting stuck in silver regardless of how you perform. I was stuck in silver for over a week but the past week it seems to be fine for me lol. I do win most of my games and when I lose I’m either mvp or second best in the server like 90% of the time. I only play solo queue.

I feel like the people who have had to deal with this and still got masters should at least get a weapon skin or something at the reset lmao.

Yea, same as everyone else in here! Played back to back games 2 days ago getting MVP going 26-8 and then 20-1 in TDM winning both and lost points both games! SMH

Agreed. The game is on life support right now. If they botch this update then the game will die.

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Onyx 3 in gears 4.

Been silver 2 in gears 5 since launch. I’d throw a fit about it but I don’t give a ■■■■. Versus is just bad. Fix the game
then maybe I’ll care.

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After last night’s multi hour knife fighting simulator which followed the utterly depressing dev stream where they spelled out how they intended for versus to become what it is now, I just can’t bring myself to muster up ANY excitement or hype about this game…

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Every time it happens the person loses the first round. Glad they pushed the fix a week to be 100% sure it’s right

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Who cares, its only a game

That’s all?? I’ve lost 2500 pts in 1 match. Hopefully it will get fixed. I played a match last night I swear the other team just bought the game. The onslaught was ridiculous lol

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I lost 3900 points in one game tonight, lets see if this will show up (on my phone) :

I refused to join in the knife fighting simulator the game has become, and I got punished for it…

Don’t give a F about rank, but played two G5 games tonight, and disgusted went to playing GoW4

Did anyone else see the post on Reddit (I think) where a guy lost 8000 points in one match? :rofl: One of my friends went from silver 2 to bronze 2 in two games last night too.

As I’ve said before, they really need to knock it out of the park with the fix next week.

If it’s still broken, it will be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of players. Most of my friends have stopped playing due to the ranking issues.

I hope they get it right next week… For all our sakes.

I lost over 3000 points in one round :slight_smile:

Got out of silver yesterday… and into bronze!

My KD is 3.27…

I’m going for bronze 1 before the reset haha

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8000…good grief…