In freaking one match

In one match I went from top 7% silver to down to top 58% losing over 900 points.

This game just doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and now they’ve delayed the ranking system update.

TC are a liability.


Okay then I have to say: what a nonsense thread posting the exact same thing literally EVERYONE talks about since one month.

I may had read over as I couldn’t believe someone still opens a thread for that. Lol


Pfft only - 900, get better at being screwed over bro.


Yeah and so? I’m entitled to post what I like and I don’t get why people like you feel the need to comment to try and elicit confrontation.

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Lol i lost several games due to teammates quitting but kept the MVP and have moved from onyx 2 to masters.

Well you’re one of the lucky ones then because most of us aren’t getting that lol

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I know, i spent god knows how long in silver going down after wins and now i feel like it works and is only taking into account my efforts/stats not the team as a whole.

Goood lord

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Everyone can post what they like… I m sure the mods will agree . There’s a no need to attack people :+1:


Thank youuuuu

Only play for wins. It’s the only thing that works right.

Pft I dropped 2500 in one match today

Went from Onyx 3 to Gold 2 in the space of 3 matches, they were losses tbf but i knocked over 100 kills in each game, a joke.


I think they did another re calibration, at least that’s what it feels like.

Let’s just hope it actually releases on Wednesday, doesn’t get delayed and actually fixes the issues this time.

They need to knock it out of the park this time

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You guys got nothing… Onyx 3 in gears 4 across multiple seasons. Was top 10% silver 2 a week ago. This was a match on 11/7. After this game I played a few more, Bronze 2 now. Not playing poorly usually in the top 3-5 in the game.


Holy ■■■■…

Here is one from today. Come from behind win, top of my team 15-5. Mind you im currently ranked bronze 2

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So the system had you at about 7000 points and the total team points was over 70,000… So you accounted for about 10% of the points… Yet another example of matchmaking putting people together of widely different level of skill ranking (I’m not suggesting you are low skill or high skill , just from matchmaking point of view, this is another example of crap team composition. And they had the audacity to say that match making is working fine…

For me, the biggest move down was

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IIRC i was roughly 10k before this recent “slide”