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In defence of Tour and Medal systems

Two days ago I was so annoyed by this system and would’ve preferred geat packs.

The problem is people are concerned that they won’t reach general in one week, when by design it’s meant to take some time.

Now, this may be good or bad depending on your preference, one good thing about G4 post launch was content was always flowing with intent on being to swarm you in hopes you’d panic and impulse buy packs. But that’s water under the bride, as niles said.

Thanks to the math of Bchaps we can confirm that you will reach general in 60 days if you earn 6 stars a day. That’s 3 two star daily’s a day.

Now consider the fact that most challenges give you 3 and that you can get a 4th bonus challenge every day.

This brings us to general in around 50ish days.

Now consider the immense amount of stars you can get from medals. That brings potentially to general by 40 days with no iron spent if you play for 3 hours a day.

Now to defend medals.

Medals were designed for players who like to grind but they were also designed to complete at around the same time.

Excluding Heroes and weapons medals, all the other medals complete each other in a sense. You could say that the ‘Hivebustef’ medal doesn’t, but that medal is very easy to complete and I’ve seen a few have and I’m almost their.

Now some negatives that I still hold:

Campaign skins ripped from campaign to be in the first tour. How you gonna lock kaits most iconic look, the one on the cover behind a medal and have it never be earnable after that? (Is it a easy medal but still, campaign skins should’ve been in supply)

One star daily’s.

You can’t view your medals like in gears 3; their all crammed on a screen and all have the same colours.

Not really a supply or tour issue but the character roster sucks, as with campaign skins, campaign character should’ve been in the supply/scrap system.

It’s also with noting, you get the whole set of weapons, not just the gnashes. It’s bizzare they just show the gnasher.

You can’t preview items. Like view and spin around characters, view executions, see the full set of weapons.

Replace the trash ‘rank banners’ with actual banners. We have 19 pride flags but No banners referencing legacy characters? Besides jack, that banners dope.


My primary concern is reaching General in a ToD and this makes me feel better.

I don’t like complete 25 waves of horde and other challenges that take more than an hour. I can only play two hours on a week day.

But as I stated, the medals are designed to complete at the same time.

So, say in this whole 3 months, all you need to do is play around 8 matches of beginner horde which is about 16 hours all together.

16 hours for massive challenge progression? Anytime in 3 months? Sounds ok to me :slight_smile:

I concur. Not bad.