Imulsion, sires lore questions

I watched a video about the emulsion lore.
I’ve read some of this lore before and it didn’t and doesn’t really make sense to me.

He went on to say that miners started to get sick from mining emulsion. They took those people to the new hope facility with the intentions to cure them but instead studied and experimented in them and they become the sires from gears 2.
Those sires, he goes on, became locust. This is where it doesn’t make sense to me. how many people “turned” locust. If the sires are the locust what the hell is the boomer or the berserker. What are the wreches?

There are millions of locust drones throughout the first trilogy. How many sires were there and what did they do exactly? I want gears 5 already!!!

The Locust mythology has never really been clear. And most monsters are either natural to Sera (like Kryll) or were mutated through some other animal, not just Humans.

So, it’s not a Gears 5 question, more of a Gears question.

And I don’t normally trust YouTubers, they tend to not follow the same source and all have different things they say. I hate watching a YouTube video by myself and being able to write a page of notes on why it has a problem.

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In Rise of RAAM it was stated that ‘The ancient sires’ aren’t the same as the sites from new hope. Now, personally I believe the kantus were birthed from the three worms and the kantus, who are much smarter the the drones, created the beserkers as a way to create more drones (after they arrived, probaly centuries after the kantus) their top scientist, Ukkon, also created alot of the Locusts tech such as Armoured corpseres, Kahns Shibboleth and most likely ragers (also are human)

Though to contradict this , Sraak said that the kantus weren’t the true spawn of the sires, so who knows. It’s clear that the Locust came from New hopes Sires and the kantus did not.

It’s confirmed we will see the Locus t origins in gears 5 so only a month and half.