Imulsion.....lets have it

Now when imulsion was introduced in original gears of war then throughout until gears of war 3 where it became integral part of the story campaign at first I just loved the graphics of the imulsion itself, but I was not really sure if it was the right or wrong way for story to go but the guns skins and glowing imulsion enemies from gears 3 and 4 need to be brought back TC as these will look decent imo not for everyone of course who wants to see imulsion skins return? I’m looking for these, bloody and oil slick to make return ! Let’s have it

Didn’t we have imulsion skins in Gears 4? Griffin skins? Maybe I just used those with him.

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We will probably get imulsion weapon skins again one day and the lambent characters too. It may take a year or 2 though lmao

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I want the lambent grenadier back man

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I’m sure they will, but why not just go play Gears 4? It has all the skins plus decent weapon skins as well. TC fared so much better when they “played it safe”.


Yeah, the griffin emulsion skins were the best

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And wizth talk of gritty maps and skins I think after kantus we will get Uzil Sraak and ukkon , Ukkon could potentially be one of my faves in future, at the moment it’s jermad, raam or blood speaker

They should not only bring back playable Lambent, but they should actually make their blood imulsion as well.

It really annoyed me seeing red blood coming out of Lambent.