Improving gears for the future

Some of my opinions will not go down well but at least I can feel I have made a contribution to a game I love.

1)wall bouncing. In the first gears games it was a skill to be able to wall bounce. G4 it’s way to easy and I watch people slide around the map like it’s an ice rink. Sorry but to me this is unrealistic. Granted its not real but a 230lb man carrying at least 70lb of equipment doesn’t seem right. Like the active reloads it should have a short life then a cool down before being able to bounce again. This would add another element of tactics into the game. I myself would like it completely gone but I’m here to give my thoughts on how to improve the game.

  1. core v competitive. Can’t see why we can’t have both but have All game modes in both.

3)get the gnasher sorted. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been shot with the gnasher barrel going through cover such as the poster wall on boxes. Also the reload when you go to fire… What the f is that about?

  1. sort out the connection lag in games. Older games such as plants V zombies don’t have the lag like you get in gears. It’s a straight who is better and would reduce the cries of Bullsiht by players I have heard many times. My own mouth included.

  2. get rid of the ranking system. It doesn’t work. Go by K/D or captures and breaks or even total score by the end of the game anything other than the drivel we have now

  3. make the teams more balanced. 90% of the time one team totally dominates the other and very rare there is a game that goes close to wire, at least for me.

  4. have different classes on verses. Say Females move quicker, have less health and smaller hit boxes and move slower carrying heavy weapons like the trishot
    Men move slower, more health, bigger hit box and able to move quicker carrying heavy weapons. This could open up more tactics and play styles to suit players.

  5. put the starting load out to just lancer/gnasher and snub and then add more weapon spots

  6. just thought of this. Xp raised in verses. Gears had always been about multiplayer why give so little Xp compared to horde. Get more people back to multiplayer by rasing the Xp


with regard to Wallbouncing-


@AliceInChainsaw I need a gif that accurately portrays my burning fury! Please provide said gif

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While some points are good, and nearly everyone would agree, a lot of the stuff you describe is what makes Gears what it is. Just because you choose not to adapt to wallbouncing, smokes, etc, doesn’t mean it’s “improving it for the future”. It’s simply catering to your playstyle.
If we’re doing those requests, then get rid of the torque and boom because they are of little use to me and cause me problems. But I wouldn’t actually want them removed because I want the game to be balanced, not just catering to my style.


No classes in versus. That would be the end of gears multiplayer!

Like I said I don’t like wall bouncing but many more do. I think it should either be much harder to wall bounce and a proper skill or should be nerfed to a few seconds then a cool down period like active reloads. Being able to slide across the map continuously doesn’t really feel to be in the sprit of the game to me. Though I did read a post that said you couldn’t regen while wall bouncing. I like that.

Why would that be the end of gear’s if you had classes in verses?

It just goes to far against what gears multiplayer is and gears has always been about everyone playing on an equal playing field from the start and fighting for control of the map.


Well that’s not totally true. When gears first put in female characters they had smaller hit boxes than the male characters so more people played as female characters so gain an advantage

Which is why a class system is a bad idea…


To me, the spirit of the game IS being able to slide around. There’s a million FPS where you don’t get to do that. Why would you want to change the one that does? In fact, this is the only FPS I play and it’s because of the movement, Take that away and it’s the same as all those other games that I don’t have any interest in.

Regarding classes, I never said it would kill gears. I have thought about it many times and would like to see that element. But, I also respect the purity in that everyone starts on a level playing field and if you want a better weapon, you fight for it. There’s a sense of true combat and sportsmanship in that.

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Only bad if unbalanced. Though if they can’t balance the starting weapons they probably couldn’t balance the classes. But we all know as players we get little to no impact on the making of the game

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Yeah. I honestly think that TC would walk right into a hornet’s nest with that one

And that was always annoying and in my opinion is a cheap tactic.

Sorry was also answering someone else but wouldn’t let me reply to him. So had to tag onto your reply

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You’d hear, “They pulled a Judgement!!”
I do think TC needs to make some changes to appeal to a wider audience and regain some of the game’s lost glory. But, Gears has a very loyal hardcore base and we’ve seen what happens if you take it too far.

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Yeah judgement was a total screw up. Still maybe they could add a game mode with no wall bouncing…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also previous gears you couldn’t slide across the whole map unless you were glitching the game and that upset a good many people. The crab walking in gears 1 pissed everyone off.

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I somewhat agree with #1. Wallbouncing in Gears 1/UE is a lot more skillful. Cover slip cancel just shouldn’t be a thing. You can’t just mash A and be a decent wallbouncer. If you take cover at the wrong time or the wrong spot you can get punished for it. In Gears 4, the window to punish is much smaller making less of a risk to mess up. Movement felt great in UE, I would rather that.



Never said take wall bouncing away. Either restrict it to a few seconds like an active reload or make it that much harder so only really skilled players can master it properly.

Right on…

Na I know your not David but he can still read it :grin::+1:

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