Improvements that I would like to see in Gears of War 5

So, I have lately put in countless hours in GoW5 multiplayer over the last couple months (considering I have been out of work since March 4th), Now, I feel like I have a better understanding for the game that I didn’t have in my original post before and I have come up with some ideas that I would like to be put to the test that I feel would over all help the GoW5 experience. I doubt the Coalition will even bother with this post, but here it goes…


  • Lancer is great damage wise. It functions well as a support weapon and crossing actually means something


  • Clip size is to large (though this is kind of a minor complaint as I do love the current lancer)


  • Feels good as it should feels very powerful in close courters combat.


  • only six shots (I hope they bring back the 8 shots)
  • There are random moments when the Gnasher doesnt shoot. (I am not sure what causes this but it is a huge problem)


  • I am loving the dynamic movement the game allows
  • The strafe speed is great


  • I feel as if the move into cover speed is way to slow and is definitely slower than the strafe speed. (Would like to see a change here)
  • Weapon swap speed is pretty slow as well compare to how fast bot characters can swap weapons (I would like to see a slight increase in this as well)

Other than that, I am pretty satisfied with most things in the game currently with the exception of the lack of characters, and maps. Truthfully, I would like to see fixes with the mechanics and weapons first before they add in new content.

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