Improvements for Gears

I’ve seen post of people posting great ideas of what they want for the next game in the franchise. I decided I would post my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:.

I feel like TC are not using all of the resources that they have at their disposal, adding weapons from previous games would help by adding more options in the Gears Sandbox. I would love to run around the map with a boomshield, or kill a Warden with a Oneshot. Or my favorite the Mortar!

I understand that some weapons are just too hard to balance in the PVP area, so maybe some items should stay in PVE only. I think that the PVE community last longer than the PVP one, but my point is that TC should have put more effort into the PVE side of Gears.

Adding more weapons just adds more replayability to the game. I feel like the PVE side of gears needs more focus instead of the PVP scene.

Because I think we can all agree that the constant changes in the PVP scene are too jarring for players, TC cant seem to find a middle ground for its PVP audience. The emphasis to become an Esport intense game killed the vision of what Gears is, TC needs to understand that if you make a good game with good mechanics, the game itself shall make a esports scene. I’m not saying Gears should cater to casual gamers, but they need to look back and see what they need to make a proper Gears game.

The decisions of the Early character Totem system, and not being able to play a certain character with a class is the worst idea I have ever seen in my life. There is no forgiveness for this Heresy and we should take note.

The Idea of a Games As A Service destroyed this game, we were given no content at launch, and were shown the worst microtransactions ever known to man, like it was a mobile game. They need to find a new way to monetize things besides the overused battlepass system, I am okay with in game purchases, but when they are prioritized over the actual game itself, we get terrible launches and no content, with months of preplanned content. Why didn’t they just add that to the game during the years of development? Oh yeah money. This Heresy needs to stop, we need fleshed out games with actual content.

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For once in my life, I’m not gonna critique a gears improvement post.

Good points all around :blush:

Improvements for Gears 6:
At least 12 maps at launch (Cod has just released with 20 I believe?) 8 new + 4 legacy of maps we have only had ONCE!

Season Pass: offering at least 1 sizeable story chapter + several map and character drops over the coming year or years. Maybe 3 maps every 3 months or so ? I would happily pay a further £50 odd for this.

One and only one tuning for pvp, make a decision and stick with it albeit with minor tweaks.

NO BR mode, I will accept BTB style however.

Campaign a good and solid 20 hour one, written by Karen Traviss, with Marcus as lead or at least lead for a major part.

Sam and Myrrah to be in campaign :kissing_heart:

Murators and arcade mode (as in Gears 3 arcade) in from the start.

All locust and swarm + new characters in Horde. In fairness to TC you have to say they did a brilliant job with Horde, when you consider the mess it was at launch and for several months thereafter. Locusts have to be included from day 1.

Beast 2:0.
Overrun 2.0

Anyway I could go on and on, as I’m sure we all could. I will end by saying that I think over Gears 5 life a lot of improvements have happened and needed to but at least we did get them.


Black Steel Packs from Gears 4:


Hmm… I’m not convinced by this point which I think is mostly a bit hysterical. I don’t even think it’s worse than GOW4.

The GOW4 Season Pass was incredibly poor value. The maps were playable for all if the host had them, so you didn’t even need to own the maps t play them if you had a friend who did. The other content was poor as hell and the RNG factor made the Gear Packs you got (as well as generally) very poor value.

I’d agree to a point that at the start of GOW5, new customisation skins were only purchasable with Iron which was premium currency. It was only later that they’d update it to be purchasable woth Gear Coins after a week whereas GOW4’s system allowed people to buy the new features Gear Packs from day 1 with Credits.

On the plus side there was no RNG which is a big factor.

I agree with the terrible launch for sure. There was a lack of maps, the PVE classes were woefully balanced and the PVP tuning was also rubbish too.

When you say lack of content and there being lots of preplanned content - in terms of customisation skins GOW4 didn’t exactly come out filled to the brim with customisation items either. We didn’t get the original Delta Squad until 12 months after launch. We didn’t get the first Locust characters until 6 months after launch. The first few months were woeful.

And preplanned content - well, this was also the case with GOW4 too. It’s not a great practice by any means but Gary Carmine was in the game at launch but released later. So we’re the UIR, Locust Drones amd Grenadiers, Bernie, COG Medic… they all feature in the campaign but weren’t unlockable and launch. Griffin was leaked in summer 2018 but not released until the following spring.

I agree with your other points though.


The lootboxes from SW Battlefront II before they went for the full overhaul/rework/whatever you wanna call it also come to mind on the subject of worst “micro” transaction known to man.


I agree with that Gears 4 had issues as well but we shouldn’t use that as an excuse for the developers.

If anything we shouldn’t even have gone through that again, our standards as a community need to be higher, this is a triple A game after all. We should expect better from them.

I know that busted half ■■■■■ poor man’s versions of games are okay now days, but we need to break the cycle

Major respect for the Veggie Tales meme

The top of my list is;

OG damage Oman please.

Gears Of War default controller configuration.
(Chainsaw on B, Stomp & executions on Y. Etc.)

On a personal note, I would appreciate a less cutesy, bubblegum colour palette and less middle finger emots - They get boring.


100%… Having the Execution and the Reload on the same button is asinine especially since MS controllers right bump seem prone to missfire/quickfire causing missed reloads in the game.

Yes, also the Cutesy emotes. the game is rated mature for a reason.