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Improve the penalties of those who leave the games

please, they sanction with more seriousness those who leave the games, they hurt a lot, of 10 games they play, at 10 they left at least one, try to request it


Oh gracious Clutch. That is horrifying

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I so get this.

This weekend I had a game we where winning hands down. 2 left. Then 2 more left cause we losing round 1. The other team was not that strong. This left me a alone. I lost 5% in rank.

I have heard that people think that if someone leaves then you can quit to save your rank with no impact or quit penalty, So the sins of one can be used to protect the others.

But the guy who stays gets pounded and grieved. Then gets the shaft. The lost in ranks that takes GAMES to replace.

The thing that really gets me is the other team knows you got ghosted and they still all have to run around looking for you at 4 v 1 to kill and execute. really just get the kill and move on, but i guess now there K/D is affected so they are want a piece of that solo meat…ouch.

I suffer this for 1 and half round…i called the medic after it was so bloody…

It’s because this game is like 20 years behind in everything online multiplayer. Social lobbies don’t even balance teams based on playercount usually, let alone balance them based on the last match scores.

I was just teamed with a group from LFG, a game was starting, it randomly kicks us all out the game and out the group. We all get quit penalties. I don’t get how TC can in good conscience add quit penalties when they know their buggy code is a main cause of people being thrown out of games. It’s really sad to have 200+ people on a dev team, and no one technically sound enough to have the basics in place for a major AAA versus game in 2019. SMH.