Impossible to play Vs high ping players

Regardless of what anyone says it is a well known fact that since gears of war 1 players with a low ping have hated playing Vs players with a high ping.

I am from Ireland and have 1ms ping on European servers.
I believe that the lower my ping the more of an advantage those with a higher ping have.

Every player from Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal I have ever talked to about gears also believe that high ping players have an advantage and ruin the game.

I believe every player in the world with a reasonable connection would prefer to only ever play others with a similar ping.



Please don’t mention your “low pings option” in the settings as every player in Europe has it on and we still find 200-1000 ping players every single game.


Or sell the franchise back to EPIC and stop being an embarrassment.
This is the main reason you lose players, this is the main reason your game is a joke and considered to be a cheap malfunctioning knock off of a AAA titl


I understand your frustration but Its at the point where people either just deal with it or quit.


Look how beneficial it is to lag guys. 1000 ping players must be stopped at all costs.


Low population areas like Australia don’t have a choice but to play on 200+ ping. Enjoy your low ping advantage and hitting first shot on us every time


lmao I’m trolling. High ping is a complete disadvantage in every area.


I think If all players in the Same Lobby were from the same Region, the high ping player in that Lobby does have an advantage due lag compensation. But If players get connected to Servers in others regions, they would have a disadvantage.

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Yeah man exactly, that’s why everyone in the pro league famously causes themselves to have 400 ping. That’s why in like 10 years of gamebattles every match I made myself have 1000 ping so I that I could get all the benefits. Saw my video above? No clue why I even uploaded it tbh because that happened every round of every game — lagging is just unmatched tbh.

You should try it — torrent something so that you have 300-400 ping and you’re teleporting around the map and watch how easy the game becomes.

The Clip is insane, buddy :joy::joy:

My post got flagged for exposing the meta smh. I’m just trying to help people get the full advantage of having 1,000 ping!

Ahem … If my ping goes to 100 and over the game is completely unplayable. I don’t know what advantage players with high ping get but I certainly don’t have it. I wish I could have the super powers everyone says high ping players have but its just not possible for me to play this game with a high ping. I wish I could walk into a game and just go “activate ping powers” or “form of a sponge” lol but it just doesn’t happen.

The most recent was an free for all game where I was pinging 120 (west US servers) and judging by the kill cam and my reactions I was at least 2 seconds by everyone else. That is a major disadvantage in this game. Im not complaining because if I have a bad connection then I shouldn’t be able to massacre the other team lol.

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I don’t get this tbh. You always want to have the lowest ping in the lobby. The only time high ping is an issue is if it is unstable.

For example, in this video, the whole lobby was 100+ ping, but I had one of the lowest pings there, so I was essentially invincible:

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I can honestly only assume at this point that this is some sort of TC cover up and every person denying that high pings give advantage are TC employees.

I know essentially every single EU master …and not just these fake how 5 participation masters, those who were also master on how 4.

I haven’t specifically asked all of them this question but I’m aware that the majority (at least 80% ) have indicated to me that they hate seeing high pings on the enemy side and automatically know it will be a difficult game when they see high ping enemies regardless of their skill level.

This is simply an agreed upon fact at this stage- go look at the quitters data and see how many times a players has quit out with an enemy player above 50 ping, then try 100 ping and 150 ping and you will see that as you increase the opposing teams pings you get more quitters, many of whom have actually permanently quit the game for games such as COD ( EU Lan winning teams included).

As for snubs saying GB players don’t think high ping is an advantage, tell that to the proof of lag videos that automatically disqualify a laggy enemy team since gow 1.

As for TC Clown, most TC devs seem to be entirely out of touch with the multiplayer playerbase and only care about irrelevant factors such as horde or promoting a long since dead eSports league…but answer me this…if TC didn’t receive outcry about high ping server jumpers why have you 1. Removed server selection as an option and 2. Added a lower pings search option ( even if it never actually worked).

Your company is well aware that you’re allowing players with such pings to play this game that no other legitimate game would ever allow and furthermore adding the most extreme lag compensation so that the high ping players actually have an advantage.

If this game wasn’t free you’d be wide open to a class action lawsuit for blatant negligence.


As for snubs saying GB players don’t think high ping is an advantage, tell that to the proof of lag videos that automatically disqualify a laggy enemy team since gow 1.

You actually have it backwards lmao. The thing that disqualifies people is when the hosting team would lag up their host and make it unplayable, so that the host could then run around and get all the kills and win the map. No one has ever been disqualified in gb for having 300+ ping, it’s not a rule, it was never a rule — that’s simply a lie.

Here’s how that rule actually works btw — you need 2 separate full length match POVs showing the lag increase happening at the same moments, so here’s one from a while ago. I encourage you to not watch all of it because it is incredibly boring. From like :0:45 to 6:00 it’s normal, everything’s fine we’re up 3-0 sailing through. Then at like 6:00 the host starts torrenting, the game becomes unplayable and he just starts running at us.

First thing I want you to notice is at 6:05-6:12 I’m pistolling like normal — shoot a shot, ammo goes down etc. When he starts lagging it up at 6:13 I shoot like 20 shots, my ammo doesn’t move and then randomly skips from like 53 shots to 41, and jams for no reason at all lmao. You can hear my friend saying “I’m getting standbyed or something.” Game goes back to normal, next round starts and it’s normal, at 7:31 I’m in the best position with the most op weapon in history, that’s an completely unpushable fight for him — he lags it up, flies at me, none of my shots register I die, game goes back to normal.

Fastforward to like 9:20, connection’s been normal the whole round I kill the off-host player with digger (please bring this weapon back TC). We spend the next full minute looking for the host player while he’s looking for something else to torrent, at like 10:10 I find him, he looks like he’s not even playing because he isn’t, then he starts playing, the game is unplayably laggy again and he kills me.

People always say like ‘HURRRRR LAGG COMMPPP U GOTZ LAG COMMMPPPP’ look at the point blank at 11:17 and tell me more about lag comp.

The rest of the match carries on like this, we end up losing the map 3-4 — we submit both of our full POVs and I wrote like a 17,000 character ticket and we got the win for this map/match. That’s how the lag-up rule works — it’s not little Timmy forfeiting a map because his mom turned on Netflix.

You do not benefit from lagging — you can sometimes get kills while you’re at like 350+ ping, but most of the time you’re just going to die, the game is kind of playable at 150-250, but everyone is going to be hitting you in cover, killing you in animations and you’ll almost never get first shot.

If you somehow manage to get kills on the 2k-3k ms ping like I did in that Gow2 video, that’s almost impossible, that’s nearly one of a kind I’ve never seen a player get a laggier kill than the first one I get in that video,

It was going so well lol. If you are going to make a statement like that then all I ask is for you to irrefutably prove that I am a TC employee lol.

Its not. If anything it is a divided opinion. Like I stated earlier if I have a ping of 100 and over then im not in game. Its completely unplayable and anyone who can make that work for them is beyond me as with a ping like that I am about 2 to 3 second behind which is a major disadvantage for anyone.

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Oh jesus give me a break dude. I think you just suck at the game. I have anywhere from 30 to mid 60s when I play depending on the server so I’m right in the middle. Playing against lower and higher ping players is barely noticeable. Either change your play style or quit crying


Well that explains how you got that rank with an aim like that.

The almighty high ping to the rescue.

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Masters in every game type on multiple accounts, how 4/5.

Average kills per game on how 3 koth 80-100.

Scrimmed Lan winning teams since gow 2.

I think the people disagreeing are either the ones with high ping or are horde players.

My guess is your playing against US and Mexican players on your servers and by the sounds of it their ■■■■■■■■ on you otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining on a forum. Get good kid.

I’ve played against TC Clown before. He’s trash. Especially for a mouse player.


Bro…I’m trying to have a genuine discussion about why high pings have God mode and if we can get rid of them from our server.

If you wanna try just call everyone bad and act like you’re good on a game that hasn’t had a skill gap in like 7 years, get gone.