Impossible to Play Gears on PC With NVidia GPU


A few months ago, I have reported the same problem. Gears 4 on PC crashes when I’m playing ranked, social or horde mode. Even, Gears 4 crash the PC and the OS Send me the Blue Screen and i need to restart the PC.

On the Season 4 I didn’t have these issue, but on the seasson 5 it’s impossible to enjoy the game when the game Crash, sometimes I could return to the match, sometimes not.

This is the main reason what I left the game the last weeks (Since Season 5 Starts).

The problem are the NVidia Driver but, Why the new updates of drivers affect the game when it was stable?

My PC Specs:
i7 4790
16Gb RAM 2400Mhz
Maximus VII Ranger
GTX 1070 FE With the Lastes Drivers of NVidia

I’m Level 64 ReUp 14 and I’m played the game since October 7th 2016 on PC.

PLEASE FIX IT! It only appear with the NVidia GPU.

I don’t use a PC to play video games unless it’s solitaire. I would try rolling back the Nvidia driver to see if it would make it work again. You can always update the driver again. Good luck though.

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The last stable crash free driver is from around june last year, anything else will randomly crash your PC.

Someone even reported testing a brand new RTX 2080 TI with a recent driver and it still crashes.

Nvidia should update its slogan from “the way its meant to be played” to “crash your game in style”.


The awesome of this issue, only in gears 4 the Driver crash the game, in my other games (Steam, Windows Store, Uplay, Origin and BattleNet) this issue doesn’t appear. I send a e-mail to NVidia too.

That person would be @Metal_Gear_Mo. He returned the card because it didn’t improve his situation and went back to a 1080. Believe it or not the 2080ti has a major memory leak if I recall correctly which caused a ton of issues for other games too. Nvidia is really on a roll with these cards.

He actually went back to using the drivers you mention as stable which is true sometimes but the last two times we tried to play even those crashed. Obviously The Coalition and Nvidia are incapable of fixing things so we’re stuck with the two worst things you can have in an online game; crashes and high ping advantage.

Thanks for that The Coalition! It’s what we’ve all been asking for.


TC Shame! to not fixing this issue.

Sorry, but a lot of people have said please fix it and it’s not gonna happen. If I was you I’d write off Gears of war 5, unless you have a Xbox one.

Well, after many crashes I had to install the Old Drivers 398.11, Obviously, I had the two files, the most recent drivers from NVidia and the 398.11.

It will be anoying install/uninstall Drivers only for gears, but it’s the only way to fix it :frowning:

Even those crash at times but it’s at least more stable than the newest ones.

Did you see the Stream Yesterday? The game crashed many times on the grand finals… On the finals!

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IDK what happened but my game is crashing every couple hours now and the only thing that changed from now and a month ago when I last played is the Gears update.

I haven’t updated my GPU or anything and Gears made my entire PC blue screen twice just today and the second blue screened happened right at the very end of a ranked match so now i get to take a suspension on top of that.

Not just me then. I definitely notice a higher instance of crashing this week, using the same drivers I did a couple months ago.

When it makes my entire pc blue screen and reset it makes me nervous that my data will be gone or something when the pc finishes restarting

Guys, use the old Driver 398.11. With these Driver you shouldn’t have blue Screens or crashes. I play gears 4 perfect with that driver version.

Of course, for my newest games, i use the Last Driver of Nvidia. I have a Folder on my desktop with both installers. It’s my advice.
Try it and tell me if you can play.

If that’s the one from a year and a half ago, I can’t because the 1070ti came out after that and isn’t compatible.

I cannot even play 50 waves without it blue screening my PC now and I’ve updated nothing. Gears of war is off of my hard drive now though i am not risking this piece of sh*t game bricking my hardware.

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The Coallition and Microsoft are crap on PC, they obviously don’t care PC platform (I have Xbox One). All the companies release early access games without his name, betas that in this case never reach the real “gold” status or final release. prepotents forum managers that they feel god and negligents (also I have a lot of issues on the xbox one version like freeze screen)