Impossible to play after 4pm in the UK

Don’t know what the hell happens, if we get transferred to different servers, but it becomes almost impossible to get a kill. Shots start not registering as well.

2020 and can’t get a proper connection? Embarrassing!!!


There also seems to be fewer playing. Down to 47th on the Xbox most played here in the UK at the time of replying to you. It’s been dropping since day one.

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Fewer and fewer people play it so this game is practically dead.
Only a miracle could revive it.

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I’m in Ireland and have no problem getting full matches at any time of the day/night

I have no trouble getting games after 4pm I’m in uk

The only games modes I can find is KOTH and TDM… Even then I have to wait for around 5 mins to find the games…

@ALPHA_OMEGA_o @quigs1982 OP didn’t say they couldn’t get a game after 4pm they said they couldn’t get a kill. I’m from UK and i feel like since the last gnasher tweak that i struggle to get kills. It’s like OP said my shots don’t register as much as they should and i have looked at recordings of my gameplay too.

I think the gnasher was in a really good place a week ago and it feels like it’s took a step back but it is better than it was pre last Title update.

I think that it’s not the gnasher that needs tweaking it’s matchmaking/servers that need updating as from my and my friends experience we always seem to be matched against ppl with 60+ ping (we’re all from UK and our average pings are 25 so ppl are generally double our ping) and whenwelook at there gamertag it generally says they’re from like Finland or spain or even mexico (200 pings!)

Now it’s either the matchmaking/servers that are broken and a fix of some sort would help with the gnasher as in my mind if you say to the 60+ pinger “it’s your ping” they say “well you should be winning if my ping is higher than yours” which is a foolish comment (stick with me lol). EG If someone has a ping of 60 and mine is 20 then my input data is reaching the server 3x as fast as yours so when the server sends it back to us all I’m appearing closer on their screen b4 they on mine and before you know it BOOM! Your chunked (and im only talking about a 1 second difference but it makes ALL the difference)

Or ultimately we in the UK could be matched with ppl from the outer reaches of the galaxy simply because there’s just not enough players in the UK to be matched with but my above explanation was relevant way before even the 1st title update 4 ish months ago

Not sure what you are playing. For ranked KOTH I get put on EU server (40 ping) but for social I’ve been put on US servers (100 ping) since about a week ago. It seems like they’ve turned the European server off for Social Quickplay.

That said, whichever server I’m on it’s anyone’s guess how good the connection is going to be. Even when I have low ping it’s hit or miss as to how the game functions.

I only play after 10 when the kids are in bed. I’ve never had a problem finding games. My ping sits at 28 or there abouts.

Feel bad for UK and other regions. The game is still very healthy in the US.

Probably a result of the US players getting up/on around that time for you guys, so the servers are under more load.

My connection is the same if not better @ around 25 ping but that’s what i was getting at but like i said it’s the 60+ pingers that are the problem and like i said the delay is on a second if that but it’s a huge problem