Impossible to find a match on Free For All at Gold Rank

This morning I played a FFA match while being at Silver 3. I made it in 2nd position earning a rank up to Gold 1 .
Now I can’t find any matches, The game has been looking players for like an hour but it’s worthless.

In case you ask, I’m actually able to play Koth at silver rank. so it’s definately a problem in FFA. I’m wondering what’s gonna happened when I make it to Gold or Onix in other game modes.

You can find matches easily at gold & onyx in KoTH at the moment, can’t speak for the other modes. Maybe people are having a hard time ranking up in FFA? What’s the buy in at silver? 65 GP?

Maybe, I’m hoping more people rank up to Gold in a couple days since season has just started. And yes, GP costs are the same in all game modes.