Impossible dailys I cant complete

Twice in 3 days I refresh a daily and I keep getting
“20 eliminations as warden or deebee”

I don’t mind getting versus daily’s cause I mostly play horde. I accept that they are trying to get me to play other game modes but I haven’t even unlocked deebee or warden. Not only that I don’t want too cause I have no need for them. This should not be in my rotation of daily’s. Every other game I can think of when they release new chars the people who didn’t buy them don’t get stuff that requires you to have them. In dead by daylight when a new killer comes out I don’t get daily’s for that killer until I purchase them. Behaviour was even a small studio with a low budget. How can you have Microsoft’s resources and fail where a smaller team succeeded?


The DeeBee is really easy to unlock. You should just get it out the way. At least that challenge won’t be held against you.

The totems are nothing. Just turn it on and play. Let it run in the background. It will unlock soon enough.

Buy them

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That’s the purpose of objectives like this. To push people to make a purchase.


I’ve unlocked Lizzie and CoG using the totem method. The point is I shouldn’t be pushed to buy something when I already bought the damn game. This kind of shady behavior is something I expect from EA or Activision. Not saying Microsoft isn’t greedy but I used to think they weren’t as bad as the former.


I agree. It is what it is though.

Because Rod Ferguson is inept.