Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(Skelface) #129

Second crash today, when upgrading my Horde skills. Second time in the menus then, still a smooth experience when I play (except disconnections in Private Horde…).

Oh, and that tearing is killing my eyes. How is this possible with a G-Sync monitor?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #130

I’ve been reading about tearing and have seen it mentioned that Gsync doesn’t work on windows store games/apps. I really don’t know much about that but like I said, I’ve seen it mentioned.

I am using an OLED TV and no matter how I set my game up, I get tearing during rapid camera movement, which is messing with my quick scopes. Fortunately, vsync seems to be very tight when I lock in 60fps and I’m not able to detect any addl lag (though it felt slower at other settings). Lets me run this at 4k in mostly ultra with a silky smooth/uninterrupted frame rate since I’m never dropping below 60.

(III EnVii III) #131

Which oled tv?

(XNurgaX) #132

I just recently got the game on PC (maybe a few days ago) so I can’t say if it worked before.
Anyway, it is randomly crashing and freezing with no errors.

GTX 1050 TI
Ryzen 5 1600

(Me0wMix CatFood) #133

LG B7(a). I can’t recommend it enough if you couch PC. They came out with the B8 last month so now the B7 is $1,500 for a 55", which is a crazy good deal considering that pretty much every review site was calling it “the best tv for gaming in 2018” earlier this year.

(III EnVii III) #134


Yeah the 7 series of OLEDs are voted as the best for gaming - they of course have the best picture quality due to OLED but also have the best response type, we are talking 0.1-0.2ms versus the next best which is anSamsung panel at 9-14ms. Input lag is about 18-19ms in 4K HDR too which is best on the market between high end sets.

I myself have a 65” B7V for my consoles :blush::+1:

For PC I use a Dell 30” 2K Monitor :v:

(Skelface) #135

But I never had any tearing in Forza Horizon 3.

Anyway, two more crashes yesterday, again in the menus / leaderboards and not in actual gameplay.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #136

So weird how these crashes affect people differently. It may be coincidence, but after I “optimized” the nvidia control panel, I had 3 crashes in 3 hours, all during gameplay. After putting it back on default, I have had 1 crash in 3 days. Probably 10 hours of gaming.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #137

Well it doesn’t happen to me @HUG3_N3WB

(HUG3 N3WB) #138

But happens to tons of other people, so it’s not like we’re making it up.

Your obviously not on the latest version of Windows. The April update.

That’s when the bug started. It doesn’t affect earlier versions of Windows iirc

(IScyth) #139

I tried it still not working

(HUG3 N3WB) #140

Sorry to hear that.

My last idea:

  • Go to “Apps and Features” on your PC.
  • Find “Gears of War 4”
  • Click “Advanced options”
  • Choose the “reset” option and click “Confirm”. You shouldn’t lose any gears data, it just cleans the app. I didn’t lose any data when I did it.

Then launch gears 4 and see what happens.

(HUG3 N3WB) #141

Can we please remove the mention of the current Nvidia driver as “dramatically reducing crashes” from the what’s up post please?

It’s now intentionally misleading and plain wrong. This is the second week in a row that this disinformation has been spread. You can keep parroting it all you like. We’ve told you that it doesn’t work.

The OP should be modified too to state that this driver doesn’t reduce the number of crashes at all.

I’d also LOVE an update on this TC. The silence is speaking a thousand words at the moment.


(bakertin) #142

Game still crash or went frozen in the middle of the gameplay. It’s still unplayable, even with NVIDIA GeForce Driver 398.36 , and yes I am using GTX 1080 Ti.

(Abbie doobie) #143

After giving this some thought, and playing around with settings, I’d like to make a few other notes in case they are useful:

  1. Some users may be installing GeForce experience along with their drivers, and possibly letting it ‘optimize’ their game. This usually involves making manual tweaks to the settings file for the game, in this case Sparta’s appdata\packages.
  2. Async Compute may be enabled on some systems, which is still known to crash regardless of driver w/Nvidia cards. Despite this setting being removed from the UI, it still exists and must be toggled off by resetting Advanced to defaults (or manually editing config file). Run the Benchmark to ensure Async is disabled.
  3. Driver updates may have not been clean. When jumping ahead so far it is best to use DDU, but a clean-install via Nvidia’s installer is a solid choice as well.
  4. Going from a nearly year-old driver, to a far more recent one, may be introducing other unforeseen quirks. Thousands of tweaks have likely occurred between these releases; they can’t all be accounted for on every possibly system config.

All that said, I still crashed after running DDU and installing this driver fresh (with no Geforce Experience). Even after ensuring that Async was disabled, I still encountered multiple crashes, as I mentioned above.

(HUG3 N3WB) #144

So I finally got an answer to this from TC Octus on Reddit.

The ball is in Nvidia’s court fully now, so if we want it fixed, we should all pile over to their forums and start asking what the hell is going on.

The issue is out of TC’s control now, so I’m told.

Octus only said the ball is in Nvidia’s court now.

The rest was my idea, as we can’t let Nvidia get away with this crap.

Here is the comment from Octus:

(Al Bundy 33hero) #145

So, it sounds like any hope of a fix is gone…

What I don’t understand is how this Gears-exclusive problem rests on the shoulders of Nvidia. Even if it’s something that Nvidia needs to change in their drivers, I would expect TC to have someone troubleshooting as it is THEIR game and people who got burned by buying a broken Gears 4 won’t be blaming Nvidia when they decide to pass on Gears 5. It’s good business for TC to look for a fix.

(HUG3 N3WB) #146

I’m out of words almost man. Is this just passing the book? Maybe.

Is it a collusion between TC and Nvidia to get it off their backs and slowly let the issue die again? Maybe.

Is the issue definitely 100% not caused by any of TC’s code? I doubt it very much.

I intend on bringing my crusade over to the Nvidia forums, but the last time I tried, my posts were just never visible to the public (even worse than this forums censoring, believe it or not).

I don’t know if I have it in me anymore to continue this fight though. It has stressed me out, made me angry, made me upset… And for what? No progress has been made and my efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

I’ve been fighting this fight for over a year, on various forms of media and I’m still having to resort to using the year old Nvidia driver if I want to play gears.

There’s no way that I’m going through with this BS again with Gears 5, and let’s not forget folks, it’ll be using the gears 4 engine as its base, so it’ll likely have the crashing issue too (unless they fix it in gears 4).


(ROODiCuLou5) #147

I had crashes & freezes with this latest update. Alt+Tab is way laggy. Can’t put up with this deprovement anymore. I went back to 382.53. Problem solved. This is the sad state of Gears 4 PC.

(DastFight) #148

WHAT?! We could agree, that this is more NVIDIA’s fault than TC, but WHAT?! They just “Whatever man, I’m done with it. You are on your own”.
This is your game! We bought it from your store (I mean Microsoft), and if you can’t manage to make it work and you will not do anything to fix it - give our money back. You sold to us the broken game,

Why we, the customers, should ask some other company to fix it? WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS, not NVIDIA’s (in this particular case). This is your responsibility to make this game work. We are not some kind of customer service.