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Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(Rx Grimmshaw) #474

I don’t have the money to upgrade my GPU. I’m SOL on my gtx 1060? Haven’t played for almost a year, trying to get back into it. Have the game freezing in Versus as well as Horde. TC Octus mentioned that horde is a different issue than this one, is there a separate thread?

(bloodytosser84) #475

Kind of yeah, you can try reverting to driver 376.09 as I have and see if it breaks any of your other games. My other games work fine, but I’m also not playing newer titles right now.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #476

Tried this but it doesn’t work for me unfortunately. Worked the first time but every time since reverts to “unlimited” (though it just flutters between 141 to 144). I made the file read-only and check it every time and it’s still 141. Restarted game. Restarted pc.

When I set it 144,it’s a very solid 143.9. I don’t know why it acts so odd when I set the file to 141.

(Abbie doobie) #477

Huh that’s strange, I’m honestly not too sure. My only experience with this has been myself and one other friend who set to 97 (100hz monitor).

If it matters at all (it probably doesn’t), I leave vsync off in Gears and instead use Nvidia vsync + gsync.

(III EnVii III) #478

I wish Gears 5 lets us choose custom frame limit in game.

Please make this happen @TC_Octus

(Rx Grimmshaw) #479

@TC_Octus Any word on this? I can’t play horde more than a few rounds, and versus more than about 10 mins before the game blue screens my PC. Huge fan of the series since the beginning, love support it on PC.