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Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(Rx Grimmshaw) #474

I don’t have the money to upgrade my GPU. I’m SOL on my gtx 1060? Haven’t played for almost a year, trying to get back into it. Have the game freezing in Versus as well as Horde. TC Octus mentioned that horde is a different issue than this one, is there a separate thread?

(bloodytosser84) #475

Kind of yeah, you can try reverting to driver 376.09 as I have and see if it breaks any of your other games. My other games work fine, but I’m also not playing newer titles right now.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #476

Tried this but it doesn’t work for me unfortunately. Worked the first time but every time since reverts to “unlimited” (though it just flutters between 141 to 144). I made the file read-only and check it every time and it’s still 141. Restarted game. Restarted pc.

When I set it 144,it’s a very solid 143.9. I don’t know why it acts so odd when I set the file to 141.

(Abbie doobie) #477

Huh that’s strange, I’m honestly not too sure. My only experience with this has been myself and one other friend who set to 97 (100hz monitor).

If it matters at all (it probably doesn’t), I leave vsync off in Gears and instead use Nvidia vsync + gsync.

(III EnVii III) #478

I wish Gears 5 lets us choose custom frame limit in game.

Please make this happen @TC_Octus

(Rx Grimmshaw) #479

@TC_Octus Any word on this? I can’t play horde more than a few rounds, and versus more than about 10 mins before the game blue screens my PC. Huge fan of the series since the beginning, love support it on PC.

(Rx Grimmshaw) #480

At this point let’s just hope GoW 5 doesn’t crash all the time on PC.


382.53 nvidia drivers works ,maybe it crash 1 of ten matches…

(Mr Red Playdoh) #482

See every one has given up, Just what the devs wanted and all forget about this massive ■■■■ up! over a year probably almost 2 years by now and broken! they expect us to buy GOW 5 im sorry you are not getting my money not a chance! unless you give us a MASSIVE discount for us not able to play this game properly for almost 2 years!

(Tryp iz Gnashty) #483

i finally gave up today. I got a 30 min cooldown after crashing and i just uninstalled. They are just sweeping the issue under the rug and have no intention of fixing it. And even if they fix it, who gives a ■■■■? 2 years with the problem already, Fixing it would do nothing to make me happy. Ruined the game for me in its prime. Makes me sick, i will wait for gears 5 to be on sale and see if people say the pc version is good or not

(SebCor) #484

Hi, Ihave readed that ge foce 10 series have the bluescreen DPC WATCH DOGS VIOLATIONS, I have tried to install every driver and still crashing at all, someone can help?
17 8generation
12 RAM
1050 ti

(GotxFuel) #485

Is Gears of War 4 fixed? I believe so. I’m running driver version 419.35 and I’ve played Gears about 5 times on this driver, each time playing for 3-4 hours with no issues. I’ve also seen a few more PC players on Gears 4.

Mobo: Asus C6H
CPU: R7 2700x stock (I get better boosts clocks up to 5Ghz)
RAM: G. SKILL Ripsaws V Series 16GB F4-3200C14D-16GVR
GPU: EVGA 1080ti FTW3
PSU: Seasonic focus 750+gold
Case: Corsair Obsidian 500D

(Mr Red Playdoh) #486

Hows it running now? and i mean on the latest drivers which is 425.31


It looks fixed for me.Finally I can use latest Nvidia drivers with no crashes at all.
Just I uninstalled Xbox Game Bar and done!
Ultra settings 4K no freezzes!!
Good luck !

(Dogg Egg) #488

Now you got muh thinking about updating drivers…but doubt still consumes me

(III EnVii III) #489

Updating drivers unless on RTX card will almost definitely induce a crash somewhere along the way.

You might go a long time without it and then crash a few times in a row.

(Drinkands im) #490

I havent fully crashed but I still freeze from time to time on RTX. Following the freeze which usually clears up before the match starts my sound gets messed up. I then need to leave the party chat and reenter so I can talk to my teammates. Anyone else experiencing this?

(III EnVii III) #491

I’d probably recommend DDU to completely remove anything that could be causing issues and then reinstall latest driver.


(Dogg Egg) #492

I’ve bottled it, there will be no update…


No man.
I have latest drivers and no crashes.
I think it’s fair to say when the problem is solved.
Gtx 1080.4k ultra settings 60 fps.
Rtx crashes have been reported as well you know that so…

Before,it froze sooner than later and it was impossible to play with my friends. I can just now.
Easy and simple to understand: you do not need an Rtx to play Gow 4 OP.
What would be normal in any game.