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Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(bloodytosser84) #434

So I can also confirm this: I switched from the 1070ti back to my old GTX 970 with drivers from November 2016. I feel I’ve played enough times now that it doesn’t crash. It’s likely a mix of Pascal and newer drivers. It also crashed with the 970 and newer drivers too.

(LorrdexPL) #435

Switched back to the 382.53 drivers and it seems like my issues (crashes + occasional stuttering, especially during cutscenes) have been solved. My GPU is a 1060 6GB,

TC - Please, make sure Gears 5 will run perfectly fine on NVidia cards :sob::pray:

(IDONTuseMODz) #436

Damn this is crazyyyy to me lol. Shroud pulls in more 2-3x more viewers than even the biggest Gears eSports events. TC could have had 40k new pairs of eyes peeping the game on his stream for free for what, 4 or 5 hours? Instead 40k pairs of eyes will probably never touch Gears 4 now and maybe not even Gears 5. Because in their minds if Shroud’s $10,000 rig can’t run it right, theirs definitely can’t.

Pretty embarrassing, really. I keep hoping somebody like Kotaku will pick up on this story and write an article about this issue and a light a fire under TC or Nvidia or whoever’s fault it really is, so we can finally maybe get it actually fixed. I love Gears as much as everybody here, which is why it’s so frustrating this has been going on for so long and nobody seems to care.

(Max Thinkies) #437

Yeah, the game is definitely still crashing, GTX 1060 here.

(bloodytosser84) #438

Try downgrading drivers. I’m using 376.09 (from nov 2016) and I haven’t crashed yet.

(Max Thinkies) #439

Well the thing is that that’s annoying to do when you play other games that run better on the latest driver.

(bloodytosser84) #440

I totally get that, If nvidia and gears 5 don’t have any issues, I’m going right back to the 1070 and newest drivers.
I just figured it was one option for you and if it works well enough until gears 5, it’s the cheapest solution. It’s what I’m doing, and I’m just toughing it out until then, although my other games luckily are NOT having major issues.

(Max Thinkies) #441

Its hard to think Gears 5 on PC won’t have any issues when we have this.

(bloodytosser84) #442

Isn’t the PC version of gears 4 more or less a port from an all AMD architecture built program? Maybe that was the hurdle with 4. Or maybe it was just laziness from TC. We can only hope 5 is programmed to be more universal, but yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were issues.

(Goodacre) #443

that might have been true but this issue reared it’s head a long time after launch, after the game was running fine for months on Nvidia hardware.

I remember this problem stared around the time the win10 Creators Update was rolling out.

(Max Thinkies) #444

Crazy how I’ll have to go back to Xbox, a console I do not have anymore.

(III EnVii III) #445

No problem, plenty left in the shop :+1:

(Goodacre) #446

this was the exact reason i kept my XB1(in storage) instead of selling it off. not knowing when a issue could render my game unplayable.

(bloodytosser84) #447

Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about that. I wonder if nvidia had to change their drivers for that update, and that’s when it broke. I do remember after getting that update I was mad at windows because other things broke too, including the xbox app. It still has issues.

(xX007Hitman32Xx) #448

Don’t know what Nvidia did, but the game started and played fine yesterday, but today it launches, but that is about it. Unless it has to do with Xbox live issues.

(Max Thinkies) #449

People have been having issues with this game on PC for years now, nothing to do with Xbox servers.

(xX007Hitman32Xx) #450

I know lol, I’ve been on here a lot with posts about it. The point is my game was starting and playing yesterday, but today just sits after you hit enter or A with an Xbox controller. As for Xbox live, I read that they was having issues earlier today and could swear last time they did the game did the exact same thing. So, idk.

(Max Thinkies) #451

I see. Though I don’t know what to do anymore with this game lol. Time to buy an Xbox One (again) for dirt cheap this time.

(xX007Hitman32Xx) #452

I would get an Xbox one x, but don’t wanna spend the money, that and don’t wanna be paying to play online.

(Max Thinkies) #453

That’s my issue, I only want to play Gears, its almost not worth paying for Xbox Live just for 1 series.