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Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(ambasadagavioli) #413

Dude, I effin’ love you. I turned off async and no more crashes. I’ve finished the campaign (had about 30-40 minutes) and started a new one on (hardcore difficulty), I’m at the point where you have to defend the village right now. WITHOUT A SINGLE CRASH. I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I should have turned this async off right away, these “special features” are always causing some problems in games. I had a similar problem about two months ago with Mirror’s Edge (the first one). The game would crash every time right after the tutorial level. Solution? Turn off physx.


(ambasadagavioli) #414

Ignore my previous post, looks like it was just a coincidence. Right after I wrote that post, the game crashed 3 times in a row, just like yesterday. Man this sucks big time.

(w BLad3R) #415

Game bar a dvr off?

(Fabjo06110) #416

No crash for me at this moment :

  • drivers 388.31
  • Xbox and Nvidia game bars deactivated
  • No Vsync in GOW4 general parameters
  • Middle quality (my poor 4k !)
  • and Gsync activated (if another crash : deactivated)

(Fabjo06110) #417

Another crash :angry: …windows and GOW4 restarted…and my level 44 became 1 !!!
I restarted GOW4, and my level 44 is there :sweat:
Now, Gsync deactivated !..

(MolarZoo3876853) #418

Just crashed at 19 waves. 1 player left with me. Now he thinks I quit on him.

Tried installing numerous drivers and disabling nvidia settings that some people said worked for them.

This freezing is getting super old fast.

Last Night got the BSOD for first time. Something about kernal crash.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #419

I’ve had no crashes with RTX 20 series cards, except when I tried to run Geforce experience. Was in a ranked match and my character started moving in a blurred, slow manner. Other players were watching me like, WTF? I’ll probably have to uninstall GFE again. Going to give it another try though because Win 10 game bar doesn’t work for clips, for me.

(bloodytosser84) #420

I caved in and bought an AMD RX 570.
I just couldn’t get my 1070ti to stop crashing and BSOD’ing with this game, and I have too much time invested to just quit, (like 30-ish days of horde last I tallied the hours played) I’m mad as hell but what am I to do if I want to keep playing? I haven’t had any crashes since switching to the AMD card,
Although now I’m limited to 60Hz @ 1440 and high settings which stinks, but at least I can play now.

Here’s to hoping gears 5 will play nice with nvidia and I can sell the AMD card this year.

(Fabjo06110) #421

Another crash… :tired_face::unamused::confounded::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Now, I don"t know what to do !!!
Maybe the new rtx 2080 will be better than the 1080 ?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #422

In terms of crashes, yes. My 2080 stopped crashing. The 2080 and 1080ti are similar in terms of power, but with the newer tech and lower power consumption. Thing is, 1080ti are overpriced right now and 2080 are petty reasonable (you can get a nice one for under 800).

(Fabjo06110) #423

Thanks. I will test it tomorrow (ordered)! :crossed_fingers:

(sancris777) #424

I guess i should spend $700 and upgrade from my 1080 just to play this broken game :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #425

I spent $2,000 on the card alone to do so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Plus another $1,000 on a new screen :see_no_evil:

Pretty expensive to play one game :sweat_smile:

(bloodytosser84) #426

Well, I just spent $180 last week buying that AMD card purely to keep playing GOW4, Even though as soon as gears 5 comes out I’m ditching/selling it and putting in the 1070ti again.

I didn’t want to spend the money on an RTX when the 1070ti should last until the 2nd gen RTX cards come out.

(sancris777) #427

We also have to assume that Gears 5 won’t be broken on nvidia GPUs as well

(Goodacre) #429

i would just hold out at this point. get a cheap XB1(2013) while you wait for Gears5 and pray this issue doesn’t rear it’s head for Nvidia cards again.

i keep a spare XB1 in storage if something happens to my PC.

(sancris777) #430

I was just being sarcastic cause i’ve only had a 1080 for a little over a year

(Fabjo06110) #431

2 days and no crash with rtx 2080 (vsync and gsync activated with the last drivers + game bars deactivated)
Just a few little screen freeze (1/2 secondes) with ultra quality…with high quality, everything seems to be ok :sunglasses:

(The Storm boot) #432

Been playing on RTX for over a month now and have never frozen or crashed and I now feel comfortable coming on here and saying to you guys that turing cards do not freeze. There is still a small chance they do, but the fact I haven’t even frozen once and put in probably close to a hundred hours gives me confidence that it is a pascal exclusive issue. This being said…ITS STILL A HUGE ISSUE and the vast majority of the players on GoW have and rightfully should be able to play on whatever card they please. In my opinion the lack of action and communication from TC is still a disgusting, unacceptable, and unprofessional job on this issue and nothing has changed for me as far as buying GoW5 and my stance on that. Issue still stands as a whole and is unacknowledged by TC completely. Pathetic! In a way I’m sad RTX cards aren’t freezing as well because I know that’s going to stand as a ‘free pass’ in some regards to TC’s utter disregard to their customers and complete apathetic/lack of any support whatsoever. I realize that is a rather grim sentiment, but justice has not been served to TC nor their loyal customers and it disgusts me.
@TC_Octus @anon86589457

(The Storm boot) #433

shroud ■■■■■■■■ on this game bc he cant play coop with friend because of freezing lul @TC_Octus @anon86589457