Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(III EnVii III) #373

Thanks for the Update :v:

I can’t wait till tomorrow when I get mine :grimacing:

I only need the card to do 3440 x 1440 @ 120FPS (a lot less pixels than 4K but slightly more than 2K) and if I can max out the settings then that’s a bonus!

The card is Factory Overclocked a decent amount than a Standard 2080 Ti so should be a beast and a huge improvement over my 970 GTX :raised_hands:

(III EnVii III) #374

It’s here!!!

Just need the screen now (tomorrow) and can’t wait to get it all up an running :grin:

And BTW - this thing is huge >.<

Hopefully be crash free too.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #375

Finally got my settings dialed in and I’ve put in around 7 hours of multiplayer on my 2080 with no crashes. Soooo smooth. Never realized how unstable my visuals were until I got a card that doesn’t drop below my fps cap frequently. Even with gsync, I see a difference.

And, at 1440/144, THE FANS DON’T EVEN TURN ON because it never gets to 60*c. Incredible. I’ve had to OC my 9th gen Intel cpu to try to get it to catch up. Which is weird in an age where most systems are heavily GPU bound. Your ti is going to be so OP. :smile: It’s not going to even get a real workout until Gears 6.

(III EnVii III) #376

Aw amazing to hear!

I’ve been reading a lot about G-Sync and needing to cap 3FPS below your Refresh Rate to ensure that VSync doesn’t kick in and inject lots of input lag.

But Gears doesn’t let you choose the cap rate?

I know @Rundan said he leaves his FPS Unlimited but from what I’ve read, the best case for you is too have a 141 Limit and for me a 117 Limit.

What are your thoughts / anyone else’s thoughts on this?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #377

I did a ton of research on it last week. The traditional thing gamers do it just let the GPU run 100% (no cap). I don’t like this because it wastes power and makes more noise so I like a cap, esp since the benefits past 144 are negligible.

You are correct in that, for gsync, you want to fps cap just below the refresh rate of your monitor. Otherwise gsync either goes into vsync behavior (frame buffering) or it tears after the game’s refresh rate surpasses the monitor refresh rate. FPS limiters can drift, so 2fps below is considered a safe range.

Gears only has version fixed ranges (though I put in a request for them to change that menu, hope they see that thread) so you have limited options. You can use an external limiter like RTSS, but it adds 1 frame of latency. I personally either;
-Run 120fps on a 144hz gsync monitor.
-Or overclock my monitor to 150hz and game at 144.

Gears seems to cap just below the target, for instance 143.98 instead of 144, so you might get away with just using the cap at your refresh rate. However, I didn’t feel it was as consistent or responsive when I did that. After reading about gsync it made sense.

Hopefully that helps. I’ve only been using a monitor for about a month so I’m learning as I do. I normally game on a big OLED but I now have to play lying down until my neck heals up.

(III EnVii III) #378

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve read, although -3 FPS is believed to be the optimal setting when limiting FPS.

I didn’t want to use RTSS as you stated it adds latency.

I’m on 120 Hz so I’d have to drop a lot more to stay below this.


I was thinking of disabling V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel and then having the 120 FPS cap.

That way, it shouldn’t revert to VSync behaviour if I go past 120FPS but i will have to see what screen tearing is like with VSync off.

It’s so annoying TC don’t allow you to enter a custom value!

I might try and cripple the system with the two Insane Settings so that my FPS doesn’t go abover 115 or so :joy:

Failing that I can drop to the native 100 Hz and then cap at 90 too but I won’t know how it plays until I’ve tried it.

I believe G-Sync also has a range - so beyond a certain FPS it stops working too?

Like min is 30 Hz and Max is what? 144?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #379

Gsync range will depend on the monitor.

(III EnVii III) #380

Ok fair enough.

I guess your lucky you can go to 165 and play at 144.

From what I can tell, there aren’t any 144 UltraWide monitors.

I might have to return this one and wait for the ASUS 200Hz UltraWide.

It’s just been delayed for so long!

Maybe CES 2019 will see a launch for it.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #381

If your current one was a good price, I’d just enjoy it and then invest again when the tech catches up. I don’t feel that I get much in the way of returns above 120. Esp if the cpu is hitting a ceiling and causing hiccups. From what I’ve seen in my own experiments, maxing a gpu won’t hurt gameplay because they’re built to taper but hitting the cpu ceiling (which you might at high fps) is much less forgiving and can be jolting.

I was waiting for the 4k @ 144 screens but I’m glad I didn’t buy early because the first gen isn’t quite what I expected. Meanwhile, the top 1440/144 monitors dropped down to around $500 so I’m happy to run that now and the $1,500 savings will let me upgrade when 4k/144/HDR is ready for prime time.

(Froobies) #382

I’ve been waiting over a year for this fix, on my GTX 980, this issue is not specific to 10xx series. The game freezes in multiplayer, I have rolled back drivers and the game is still unplayable due to crashing. I have issues with nothing else. I have purchased a very expensive GPU from Nvidia and a very expensive Ultimate edition version of Gears of War 4… I can’t play because of developer or GPU driver issues, this is an unacceptable way to treat your customers and FANS. I’ve played Gears since 2006, you are just leaving us in the dark… I’ve owned this game two years and for the past year it’s been unplayable, its been unplayable LONGER than its been playable. I want a fix and if you can’t fix it… I want a refund.

(Rundan) #383

I haven’t read anything in regards to G-Sync adding tons of input lag. I’m not sure if you’re using a mouse or a controller but I just leave my frame cap unlimited with G-Sync on and V-Sync off and I don’t get any input lag worth measuring. I also don’t get any screen tearing.


I’m using an Asus PG27UQ 4K/144Hz
2x RTX-2080TI

(III EnVii III) #384

Very in depth article.

They recommend G-Sync on and V-Sync in on the Nvidia Control Panel and then off on the game itself.

Also having a -3FPS limit.

From their test, when the frame rates reach the Max Hz of the screen, G-Sync turns off and VSync kicks in causing lag.

Since you have VSync off anyway and don’t get tearing, then you are ok with that side but it can sometimes cause tearing.

(III EnVii III) #385

Yeah, my CPU is a beast and I’m sure it can handle it.

Im going to go for an240Hz monitor for now.

Apparently the ASUS PG35VQ will launch in Q1 2019 and I fully expect to see it at CES too in about 3 weeks time.

It’s going to cost upwards of $3,200 so no point spending $1,800 on the AlienWare if I’m going to be upgrading within a few weeks.

I’ll just get a $1,000 240 Hz one for now :blush:

Because the ASUS is 200 Hz - I’ll be getting another 2080 Ti and running SLi for it :raised_hands:

So looking at another $7,000 or so :sweat_smile:

But thanks for your help and input, greatly appreciated.

(Rundan) #386

I wouldn’t pay any attention to that article. I am not following any of it’s suggestions and I’m simply not experiencing any input lag. And I hate any amount of input lag as well. i’m not sure if G-Sync varies from monitor to monitor or if games are different but I play a wide variety of FPS games and I’m not having any issues.

I have V-Sync turned off in the control panel and in game with my frames unlimited with G-Sync on across all my games.

You can try and follow it’s suggestions and if you think there is a difference let me know and I’ll give it a try. I know that article was published in 2017 and there has been an update by Nvidia since then that optimizes G-syncs input lag so maybe that’s the case.

(GhostofDelta2) #387

Just purchased a 2K 144/165hz monitor. Getting my 2080 Ti later this week :slight_smile:

(III EnVii III) #388

I’m probably going to swap to the alternative monitor for now, the lower res / higher Hz AlienWare 144/165 until the 200 hz one is out.

I’ll try the settings and see what happens.

But if your not getting any Screen Tearing with just G-Sync on then I guess that’s the best situation.

(III EnVii III) #389


Let me know how you get on, if any crashes or issues and what kind of framerate you are getting.

What monitor did you go for?

(GhostofDelta2) #390

AG271QG :slight_smile:

(Froobies) #391

This isn’t a solution, we’ve already spent alot of money on GPU’s… I don’t need or want to upgrade. The principle is this should be fixed what if this happens 1 month down the line on your new 2080ti?

Imagine if this issue was present at launch affecting sales. I have a strong intuition it would of been fixed pretty quickly.

(GhostofDelta2) #392

I’m not sure why you think I was presenting that as a solution. Other users were talking about their recent monitor and/or GPU upgrades, I replied to them about my own.

Obviously the crashing issues are not what anyone would want or expect, and I hope TC and Nvidia can sort it out.