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Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(The Storm boot) #353

This is also a great point man.
@TC_Octus @TC_Octus

(III EnVii III) #354

Or just buy a One X.

A lot cheaper. And it works.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #355

still broken guys?



(TGH Cyrus) #357

Great idea, the product I own, is not working as it should, so I just need to buy another one from the same crappy company and give them more my money, For real? I will avoid GOW 5 like a plague because of this and many other problems, but I will surely go and buy that toaster when I have a gaming rig. Don’t get anyone that owns xbox these days. On PS4 you have at least games that will never be released on another platform, but xbox, no thnx.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #358

Great support!

(The Storm boot) #359

still broken.

(The Storm boot) #360

Also lets note that the new RTX Turning cards are very similar in architecture to the Pascal cards, so expect freezing to continue on the RTX gen cards.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #361

So far, RTX users are crash free based on reports here. One member had crashes but it was in every game, and turned out to be a faulty card.

(HoesEatOreos) #362

i installed 382.33

no freezes all night

(Mr Red Playdoh) #363

I have the 2080 ti and so far not a single crash but to be fair i have not played for long.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #364

why would you have that when we are on 417.22? i can not go down to crappy drivers i have the new 2080 ti so i need the new drivers!

(HoesEatOreos) #365

because it’s a stable driver used to play gears

(Mr Red Playdoh) #366

I get that but i need the updated drivers and im not rolling back just because they can not sort there game out!

(III EnVii III) #367

Nvidia are very naughty and crippled some old cards with new drivers.

I’m sticking to 397.31 - not crashed since I installed this one months ago.

Of course if you have a RTX Ti then latest drivers make sense.

(The Storm boot) #368

if you keep playing gow4 on new cards and get some serious time on the game let us know if you never crash. Id be curious if 100 hours and you didnt crash or something like that

(III EnVii III) #369

My Nvidia 2080 Ti (Zotac AMP Extreme Overclocked Edition) arrives this Sunday and my new UltraWide Monitor arrives the day after.

I didn’t have a single crash on 397.31 for MONTHS on my 970 GTX.

I’m obviously finally updating for the new card so hopefully no crashes :crossed_fingers: - but I’ll keep everyone updated.

And @Rundan I couldn’t wait anymore, so yes, went for it :joy:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #370

Wish I could have warned you. I just got that same 2080ti card and Gears is crashing constantly on it.
Actually, I’m entirely kidding. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. My 2080 just arrived and I’m really giddy. About to install it right now.

(III EnVii III) #371

I read that first part and was crying over the $3,000 or so I’ve just spent :joy:

But let me know how you REALLY get on :rofl: :see_no_evil:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #372

I’ve had the 2080 rockin for a few hours and it wasn’t even breaking a sweat so I decided to dial in ultra settings, only to find that they had defaulted to ultra already. :astonished: So at 1440/144/Ultra the GPU’s fans just barely kick on after playing for a little while and fps are pretty much only CPU bound. Such a beast.

Your ti is just going to scoff at Gears.

No crashing thus far, though mine weren’t frequent before so I’ll have to give it a couple weeks before I can really say it’s crash free.