Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(EVGA SLI) #333

i noticed i get a blue screen of death immediately after gears of war freezes up and i close out of the game

updated 80+ drivers last night and the game runs smoother at 4k but still freezes randomly on a gtx 1070

(EVGA SLI) #334

i might have to do that

i don’t play anything else except for gears on my pc so that is fine with me

(DannySuun) #335

after the whole crossplay desaster, i installed the game today and it crashes directly to desktop when i want to play MP. no Failure or something. just back to Desktop

(SnapperMcHamern) #336

Blue screens and freezes still on my 1050ti, been actually worse since new driver update. Honestly I think The Coalition and Nvidia have just given up on this since the PC player base is low. I’m not going back to drivers over year old either. Shame

(Sr Pwn) #337

In my pc I am not having many problems now. Only a few times in horde. Latest drivers, GTX1070. But on my laptop, with GTX1050 I had to go back to the recommended drivers. Impossible to play. Curious, why some graphics work and others do not? Everything is Pascal.

(SnapperMcHamern) #338

1050ti user here, and I can confirm that I get blue screens and lock ups repeatedly. Major issue.


gtx 1080 and I can not play even single player .The game crashes in story mode too.
Gears of war 4 PC is broken.
I think we have to face it.
I think Microsoft is happy with this.And with my review in Microsoft store too.They always aks me if I want to change it.Shame.
I will wait a lot of time to buy or not Gow5.
I don´t want more headaches.I don want to see my expensive pc frozen no more so…
I quit Gow4.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #340

I have a fix! Its very expensive to fix i upgraded to a 2080 ti all seems fine for now.


So if I spend 1.300 more I can play Gow4.1.600+1.300=2.900 PC if I want to play Gow4.
Sounds nice and not crazy at all.
I´m going to buy it rigth now.Well better in five o six years.
The Gtx 1080 I spendt 600€ it is a garbage you say,no?
Or maybe the garbage is Gears of war 4,that needs a NASA computer to just play without freezzes.

(kako1855) #342

So i installed the game for the third time since i got it and after 4 games it crashed, is a shame because i really want to get into the competitive aspect of the game but i dont have the time or money to buy an xbox one, if something new happens along the lines of a new update to fix this problem i will be extremely happy but in the mean time i guess im gonna play another games.

(The Storm boot) #343

@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes You guys care to reply? This issue literally has killed youre games competitive scene on PC 100%. Nobody is going to invest time into a game that is unplayable like this ona serious level. GB ladders have been dead SINCE LAUNCH. No PC tournaments because we all know you guys wont broadcast how broken this game is to your audience. Severely degraded experience not only to PC players, but also to all the console players who lost a game bc their PC team mate froze and couldn’t reconnect/said ■■■■ this game and didnt log back on. Wonder how many people say “NO” to gow5 because of this? Bet its a decent handful of cash. Why trust a company that cant even consistently reply to an issue that has effectively destroyed its entire PC community?

Any AAA dev brought a game out at this state would have been burned alive. Imagine BF5 launching and remaining at this state, ■■■■ even BO4. Imagine the pure burning wrath that would then be turned to DICE or Treyarch.

The level of incompetence shown by how this was handled (or lack of) and how this game breaking, refund worthy, issue still exists says it all.

For the love of God, take responsibility for your failure of a game and admit its broken and if you cant fix it put a big ■■■ warning on the Microsoft store that says CRASHES PC EVERY 10-15 MIN KNOWN ISSUES PENDING FIX BUY AT OWN RISK so that you arent selling a game that is literally unplayable.

(its ZERO POWER) #344

I was literally playing for 3 hours and literally (i count them) 10 crashes and 2 blue screens, im tired of the game, and the worse thing is that I really like the game, but the crashes dont let me enjoy it, sad


Thank you for your words!!!:kissing_heart:


@TC_ Octus hello we are here and we can not play!!!

(TGH Cyrus) #347

This is funny, how many of you are from US that are unable to play? You people sue each other for the smallest crap that happen between you, but I have yet to see a single post that someone wants to sue this piece of ■■■■ company. You bought a product that is not working, it was working flawlessly before, it is not your fault, and yet there isn’t at LEAST a warning on the store for the nvidia users, not to mention no solution for more than a year and a half!!!. This is the only time I wish I live there, because I would sue the ■■■■ out of them, the facts are all at your side. And they just don’t give a ■■■■ about us. Really, really someone from pc community will buy gow 5 ?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #348

You’re going to spend thousands in litigation to get $60 back?..

Seems legit.

(TGH Cyrus) #349

Not what I meant, you can get a refund if you want. But if more of you together do that, you can get some money from them, mainly for the troubles and countless of hours trying to make their product work instead of enjoying it while they clearly show you middle finger…


They are selling a non working game an this is a Scam.Because I am wasting my time trying to play and I can not at all even single player.
@TC_Octus @TC_Vectes say something please

(TGH Cyrus) #351

Exactly, my point was, there was a lawsuit about crap like some woman spill coffee on her that she bought at some place and she sue them because she got some minor burns, don’t really remember which company it was, but she won and they have to pay her big time, so it was not 60$ back… Like for real ? If this is how law works in US, then I would gather some people and do it. You can tag them all you want dude, they will not answer, because they have no answer and most importantly they don’t give a rats ■■■ about this.

(sancris777) #352

Well since the game is advertised as working better with Nvidia cards and there is no warning on the Gears of war store page that it will freeze your entire PC except for in the reviews…it seems very wrong that there is no one trying to fix the issues