Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(Singularity80) #291

I’m coming back to try Gears 4 after acquiring one of the new RTX cards. A long time ago, this issue centered around the Pascal hardware (10-series) exclusively. I want to at least disprove that the problem is more widespread, but maybe it’s just something in the way the Pascal chips were designed and there’s no way to driver or patch around it. I tried to see if someone had posted something like this already but I possibly didn’t look back far enough.

My expectations are low, having only a rarified month or so of such an awesome experience with the 1080Ti and then watching it never work again…if it wasn’t hardware specific then I expect the game to crash like it has been.

I’m also taking a page off the recent frustrations people have experienced with Forza Horizon 4…no GeForce Experience, no overclocking software (some people were having crashes due to running overclocks on their GPU).

Microsoft has claimed that the issues have “Nothing to do with UWP”. Uh huh. Then why do all your UWP games have so many problems? Can’t possibly be the one thing they all have in common. In the Windows 10 world, that makes far too much sense. That would be like an OS update that deletes personal files…I mean there’s just no way that could…oh wait.

We shall see…right now I have to wait to suck down 132GB of Gears.

(Singularity80) #292

Well, for the first time in a year, I saw Gears 4 hold itself together through a 25 wave Horde match. I don’t know if it is because I’m not using a Pascal card anymore, or if it’s perhaps what has been helping with the Forza Horizon games…but I had every setting turned on and cranked up…the game played like it was supposed to for 60+ minutes.

It was nice. Now, if I get 100 more Horde matches in like that, maybe I’ll be convinced. At least I’m not running off to uninstall the game yet.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #293

Thx for the feedback. Which RTX?

(Singularity80) #294

I have an RTX2080Ti. I was expecting a super-blistering framerate with that monster but then I forgot Gears 4 is heavy CPU-binding, and my 4790K is starting to show its age. Still, the 2080Ti pegged a solid 110FPS average in the benchmark on full Ultra settings at 2560x1440.

(Singularity80) #295

Went for a full standard Horde match tonight, took a while to get a game going but I managed to be in a match for 40 waves…

2 hours and 25 minutes of Gears 4, everything enabled. No crashes, not even the hint of a crash. The game is performing like it did before the crashing issue arose.

  • All options enabled
  • No overclocking software enabled for the GPU
  • No hooking software (Game Bar, Bandicam, Shadowplay)

If this is a legit design defect in the Pascal GPU relative to Gears 4 or UWP (and good luck getting TC/MS/Nvidia admitting to that)…I think some discount offers on RTX cards are in order for people who have suffered this problem for the better part of two years.

It would be the right thing to do…the time and frustration people have been costed is far more than some video cards. Some people paid big money to have a 10-series graphics card and then dropped up to $100 on Gears 4 only to have it deliver a shoddy experience or no experience at all? I know some people have gotten the game to work. It would never run like it does now with my 1080Ti.

And if that isn’t the case, then disprove it. All I did is upgrade the video card on my system, and now it’s like this issue never happened. Pascal card = can’t play Gears 4 at all. Turing card = works perfectly.

(Singularity80) #296

Clocked another 2 hours after an Nvidia driver update and applying the Windows 10 Fall update that just got re-released.

No crashes.

From not able to barely get a game started to now I’ve played nearly a collective 6-7 hours over 3 days and not a single crash.

(Metal Gear Mo) #297

I’m about to pull the trigger on the 2080Ti founders edition at Best Buy. You’ve inspired me Singularity! I hope I have the same results as you…

(Metal Gear Mo) #298

@Krylon_Blue If this doesn’t prove my love for Gears 4 on Pc…:rofl:

(Krylon Blue) #299

When we giving this a go?!

(Metal Gear Mo) #300

Thank you Meowmix, I’ve always enjoyed your posts and contributions on this forum. Here’s hoping Gears 5 can solve the issues we are all having. GG and good luck!

(Krylon Blue) #301

I’m chomping at the bit too. :laughing:

(Metal Gear Mo) #302

I just Froze with a brand new NVidia RTX 2080 Ti founders edition using the latest driver. I just lost ANOTHER 7 percent of my diamond ranking, making the grand total 50 +percent lost this season due to this specific issue. What the hell am I supposed to do? @TC_Octus @TC_Vectes will you guys just send me an Xbox One X so I can be done with this nightmare?

(GhostofDelta2) #303

For the sake of completeness, was the crash a complete system lockup?

(Metal Gear Mo) #304

No, I was able to tab out to Windows. It’s worth noting that I still had “A-sync compute” enabled. I am trying one last time with “A-Sync” back off.

(GhostofDelta2) #305

Thanks for the info!

(Sr Pwn) #306

Last night I got freezes again in horde. Only in horde. in versus for now, no problem. All updated, no hooking software, A-Sync enable (enabled or not, I get freezes) and Asus GTX 1070.

EDIT: Right now freezing creating lobby in koth.

(Metal Gear Mo) #307

Update: I just crashed with A-Sync Compute turned back off. I have to move on. I’m not subjecting my new RTX card to this nonsense. I am very curious as to what settings singularity80 is using to achieve a crash free experience…

Good luck to anyone that continues to play this game on PC.
Metal Gear Mo is out. #uninstalled

(Krylon Blue) #308

Well, that’s about it for myself then too. Xbox One X may work well but without my brother there’s no point.

Thanks a lot The Coalition and NVIDIA. You’re selling a broken product.

(Metal Gear Mo) #309

Much love @Krylon_Blue

(Skelface) #310

For anyone interested: I did a complete reinstall of Windows, Gears of War 4 and Nvidia drivers (416.16). Two crashes on Versus and zero during Horde (GTX 1080, A-Sync on). Was able to tab out.

Not a single crash before the reinstall and older drivers (don’t remember the numbers but they were recent).

The thing I’m complaining the most is not being able to copy the game files instead of downloading ~132Go again, but that’s on Microsoft side. Still have to endure this crappy Windows Store, unbelievable.