Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(Metal Gear Mo) #270

UGGH! I feel your frustrations 100 percent. Even 382.53 has crashed a few times on me this month, at least they’re not hard crashes? =(

(xl S P A R K S) #271

Use 382.33. I’ve find that it works the best for gears. I never crash with that driver.

(Metal Gear Mo) #272

I’ve actually been crashing more often on 382.53 so I just downloaded the latest Nvidia driver. (411.63)
I was able to play through an entire private escalation match without a freeze…Its encouraging, but I know better than to get my hopes up. It’s worth noting that the game is running MUCH better with this driver, I gained 7-8 frames on my bottom five percent.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #273

FWIW, When they brought back async compute, I turned it off and found that I had far fewer crashes. I don’t know if that’s because of the driver itself or turning off ASC…

(Metal Gear Mo) #274

I still have A-Sync off. Are you on the latest drivers too meow? Are you crashing less?

(seasloth21) #275

The newest driver seemed to improve as I hadn’t crashed after installing it and played 5-6 koth games. The immediately prior driver was making me crash left and right.

(Sudbeats) #276

Checked 411.63, after 5 minutes play ---- freeze :frowning:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #277

I DL’d them after you mentioned this and ran a few social matches, since social is the one that most commonly crashes for me. All good so far. :smile:
Really hope it stays that way.

(Metal Gear Mo) #278

I worked up the courage to play some social, and I still haven’t crashed. The game is running like a dream right now!:crossed_fingers:please please please stay this way. It’s all I want in my video gaming life! LOL

(Krylon Blue) #279

You had to go there…

(Metal Gear Mo) #280

I’m definitely going to need a “Margaritaville” margarita maker if this driver crashes on me too…

(Krylon Blue) #281

You may need more than that if we’re being 100% truthful here.

(Metal Gear Mo) #282

I Crashed. Ranked escalation when it mattered the most. I’m trying with A-Sync compute “on” now. I’ll post my results.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #283

Is the A-Sync in the gears options?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #284

Yes, they removed it at one point but it’s been back for a month or so under “advanced options”. I seem to have better luck with it off but the whole thing is so inconsistent (what part of the game crashes happen in and how often) that I won’t say I have any direct evidence that it’s related.

One unrelated glitch I should mention for people to keep an eye out for; though it might have been fixed in the last update, for a while I was finding that my resolution (in the game’s video menu) was getting bumped down to 98%. This caused performance problems. So much so that if I felt like things were off, I’d check my video settings and sure enough, the game had changed my resolution setting to 98% instead of 100%.
I thought I was accidentally hitting it myself at first until I found it would do it on days when I hadn’t touched the video settings.

(Krylon Blue) #285

Yeah, we were in a close match and it crashed on a very close round and by the time he could get back in the match ended. It’s unbelievable that these issues still exist and they should have been fixed a long time ago. You’d think these master programmers and engineers would have figured it out by now.

(Metal Gear Mo) #286

I haven’t had an IN GAME crash on 411.63 since enabling “A-sync Compute”.

I did have a unique crash this morning when loading into a social game. It froze at the loading screen and then kicked me to desktop. That crash also disabled my nvidia control panel settings, which were restored after a system restart. I think I can handle those symptoms over in game Freezing…

(Me0wMix CatFood) #287

I ended up getting an in-match crash on the newest drivers yesterday. But, the game SEEMS to be running more stable overall (?). GPU is not pushing as hard in matches or in menus (used to run at 90% in menus for some reason).
Crashing every couple days is pretty much par for the course for me in the last couple months so I can’t say they’re any better or worse yet.

(Sonickers) #289

I’m really quite shocked this issue is still ongoing.

I can get 100% perfect play through if I disable Game DVR but as soon as I enable it I can only play for about 20 minutes before a hard lock occurs. Disabling or enabling async compute makes no difference to my lock ups. The real determining factor is Game DVR every time.

It’s been almost a year with this problem and it sucks having to disable Game DVR because it is nice having the clip record option.

(bashinskulls17) #290

i have dvr off & it still freezes & hardlocks