Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users

(sancris777) #250

Should I update to the newest drivers right now? I currently have version 398.36 and I completed a ranked TDM and my PC blue screened right after.

(DarkChaoz95) #251

Honestly i doubt latest driver fixes anything. If any further improvements not listed in the patch notes, I personally wouldnt bother.

By all means you can update and try it out, but I suspect it wont make a difference imo.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #252

I’ve only had 1 crash since DLing the latest Nvidia drivers from a weeks or 2 ago. At this point, I have to say it’s more than coincidence because before this I was crashing every hour or two in online VS.
GSP is MSI 1070ti gaming ed.

(soldiermxdeath) #253

There’s no diference updating or not the drivers, the crash still persist.

(mrBrandes) #254

Still broke, GTX 1080 Ti. Crashes once or twice during a 50 wave horde.

Its mad really. Works great on XBOX but I game with all my friends on PC. Come on, this is really not acceptable.

(TC Octus) #255

It’s absolutely not. We have quantifiable data showing this did have an impact to crash rates. From what we’ve seen, for a few it eliminated it, for some it improved the situation and for others it seemingly did not improve the situation for them.

(TC Octus) #256

Hi all -

Just wanted to post an update that the team are still working on this with various partners. The community team are checking in regularly with the engineering team to track progress, and there’s some promising signs once more coming through.

As soon as we have concrete news to share, we’ll be sure to post again. Thanks for your continued patience with this, and especially for providing the information requested by the Nvidia team.

(sancris777) #257

I just had to hard reset my pc because I loaded into a lobby and then i got a black screen…Its kind of odd how I mod games like Fallout and Skyrim yet Gears Of War 4 is totally unmodded and it gives me hands down the most technical problems than any other game
Edit: and now it just blue screened once i got into a lobby…

(DarkChaoz95) #258

Its best if you downgrade drivers if you want to play Gears and avoid crashing issues unless you dont want to lose optimisation for the newer games .

(Jackyswift) #259

im having a crash everynight on my Xidax,and when this happens i get banned for hours.this really needs to get fixed. What should i do? buy an xbox? dont really wanna doubt my Xidax any longer! please help

(sancris777) #260

I just updated my drivers to the newest versions and those are definitely a no-go because it froze while in a match this time and i had to hard reset my PC again

(Jackyswift) #261

Yeah i did the same thing and had Xidax remote my pc,everything looked good,so my conclusion is that its definitly on Gears/Nvidia this time, and now im suspended for 2 or so hours. Thats Ashame and pathetic, All good things come to an end i guess. Gears Of War owes me

(Mr Red Playdoh) #262

Guys for gods sake! its not your PCs its the game! stop letting people troll you.
Just played the game again with updates and yes you guessed it it crashed! this time it hangs there and my whole PC rebooted its self lol

Its a joke they never fixed it in the first place a developer that lies just can not be trusted i would avoid GoW 5 if i was you.

(Mr Red Playdoh) #263

And yet another crash! almost 2 years now this game has been broken! sort it out!

(Mr Red Playdoh) #264

Take it everyone has given up?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #265

Like I’ve said, mine got better (not fixed but better) with recent updates so they might be onto something at nvidia. I hope they can find fixes that help more people.

(brutalinfeccion) #266

I’m having problems crashing with 399.07, now I’m going to try the 399.24 to see if it is solved. Hopefully they do not put me more Bans too, the last time was half an hour and I really do not have any fault.

(xl S P A R K S) #267

There is a newer driver out. 411.63 from 9/19/18. Async Compute option reappeared after I updated to this driver. I’m using a 1080 Ti

(Metal Gear Mo) #268

I think A-Sync was reenabled with the last gears update. I’m still using 382.53 and I also noticed that A-sync can be toggled on/off again. I’m curious how the latest driver handles the crashing, will you keep us updated?

(xl S P A R K S) #269

Welp it just crashed for me. Not a hard crash though as I was able to alt-tab as well as bring up the taskbar to close gears. I give up. All the more reason as to why TC doesn’t deserve my money for gears 5.