Important Questions answered on the developer stream, 10th Jan ‘19

If anyone has the answers to the questions that were asked last night feel free to leave them here. From what I remember Ryan Cleven (Head Multiplayer Design Developer) made many things clear and changed my viewpoint on certain situations.

Firstly, one of the main things I remembered from the stream was about progression and the card system. He exclaimed the team wanted to bring it back into Gears 4, but couldn’t. The reason why they couldn’t implement it is because they had to completely build their system from scratch and couldn’t get it done by the time of release. Their plan was to use both progression and the card system from the very start. By him saying that he really wanted it to happen has definitely made me believe that it will return in Gears 5 which I hope it does.

He also gave a good insight on how the ranking system works, one thing I remember the most was about facing higher ranks. The ranking system recognises your skill level and rank so if face a diamond 3 if you’re gold 3 for example, you’re expected to lose, but if you win you’re % and skill level will have a huge increase, and in reverse the higher rank will have to suffer the consequences.

Ryan also mentioned how there is a behind the scenes element of the ranking system that is not displayed to everyone, say for instance you’re playing on a team and you’re diamond and there are lower ranks, you finish below the lower ranks, your skill level will decrease even though you won against high ranks, this makes sense, a lot of people get confused to why they don’t move any % against high ranks which I have done also in the past. But if you do not perform to as you are expected, don’t expect to move up as much %.

If I remember anything else I’ll be sure to add it in.


I didn’t watch it sadly, But the first thing about the progression is very interesting


Thanks man! That’s really helpful, especially to those of us who don’t watch the Dev streams
I’m starting to see you on the forums more often, which is great, I really hadn’t been acquainted to you until recently


Watch out for the Clown is all I have to say Fribbo. He is friendly at one point, then the next, WHAM! Pie to the face!


I see what you did there :rofl:

There’s so more stuff I remember @DAVID_THE_CLOWN but I need to put more thought to it because I’m not 100% sure, that’s why I thought I’d give some of what I remember to see if anyone else remembers anything.


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You don’t want another pie in the face, now do you?

It was also mentioned that the ranking sysrem places a big emphasis on winning/losing rounds. Winning say, 2VS2 7-0 counts far more than winning 7-6.

However the score within a round is not relevant. Example - winning a round of KOTH 180-0 is no better than winning 180-170. It’s all about winning the rounds.

You can also experience rank drops from winning if it was against lower ranked opponents and it was a close game. So if you are Diamond and beat a team of Silvers only 7-6, then you will be considered to have underperformed.

However where you drop from winning, the drop does not show immediately and is basically triggered on your next loss.


Thank you for sharing, that stream has hugely increased my confidence on improvements for Gears 5, mainly on how Ryan mentioned he wished progression and unlocks were there from the start.

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Most of us on here already know about the ranking system, the problem is it doesnt always work as intended and I seen it not work first hand. As for not noticing ranking drops/progress on the site I’ve seen mine raise or lower after each game for the most part. Also from what I remember I thought that epic had started making gears 4 and handed everything over. But at the end of the day the biggest issue with this game they seem to stay mum on, which is unstable connections and bullet sponging.


Funny enough they also mentioned that the servers used for Gears 4 multiplayer are Microsoft servers, as well as UE.

Yea they keep telling us stuff we already know thats 1 of the reasons I stopped watching the streams. Its the same stuff. And it doesn’t help them that they use the same servers as Titan fall, halo, and forza yet those games don’t have the same problems as gears does yet those games handle more players at a time as well


They keep regurgitating the same “if you a diamond going against a silver” BS, totally ignoring that this is a TEAM sport! We NEVER have “a diamond” going against “a silver” on a round/match level! It’s a team vs team, so what they are really talking about is “a team whose average rank is diamond” and “a team whose average rank is silver!”

What if your rank is silver 2, and your team’s average rank is gold3? And you outperform golds and onyxes but lose because you had a 1 and 18 teammate?

This system doesn’t work with teams of wildely different ranks, which seems to be the the norm here…

Yeah, yeah, whatever, I’m so sick of people trying to justify it by focusing on very specific conditions and situations, which are hardly the norm these days, and totally ignoring the actual games being played.

Just play for fun…

I bet the devs love those question’s, they can give us the same party line over and over, and skip over the uncomfortable issues around false suspensions, lag, sponging, etc…

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That strategy is commonly known as “trying to stay in business”


Hi all,
If you missed the stream yesterday, you can watch it here:


Not interested in the same stream, rinse, lather, repeat. The pinging in this game is killing versus and horde as well. Indisputable evidence over the years have been present with denial by TC not to mention the servers. Just like seeing the rank people showing the evidence I was playing social play today and obviously the same crap 83% point blank or 0% damage done and the weirdest thing all players had 100-600 ping! Hmm how odd that is!


Horde is still playable with pings below 500

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Thanks, gonna watch through it to add some details to this thread.

For the most part you are right, but from someone whos life is customer service sometimes you just have to acknowledge the problems your having even if you don’t have a solution. It shows your customers that you are listening to them and gives them faith.


Ya the ping is more of an issue in Versus without a doubt but when I do play horde with players even around 150 the enemies sponge a lot more.

I had a Mania run yesterday, my ping was 135 on that server.

Indeed guardians seemed pretty tough to headshot, but the whole match was very smooth.

Update: Just left a run in the middle… My ping was 300 and everyone else less than 100. Slowmotion.

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