[IMPORTANT] I will show you the truth behind this game

A friend of mine (I prefer to not say his name) wrote something interesting about the development of this game. All the text is in Italian, but I will translate it for you all. He knows TC very well, so be ready.

"Not only is it a unique TPS, but it is the flagship IP from 2019 until the release of Halo Infinite. It makes no sense. It has none. Rod left as if “I did my duty, the team can go on without me”, when it is clear that they were confused about everything even when he was there.

The cut contents are infinite. Leaving aside the parts of the campaign removed only because of the Xbox One 2013 (FAT), the Versus also has a lot of shortcomings. The image that Phil Spencer had leaked was at the end a screen where you could see the new hud and the new skills on Gridlock. Instead of doing it again as for each chapter (they could do it in the snow, in the desert or make an Old Ephyra version) they removed it from the pack.

"What happened to this map? It was presented at E3 2019 as a Horde showcase. It is clearly set in Old Ephyra. Puff … gone and pretend it never existed.

Paduk was voiced at the beginning of January on the Multiplayer side. The campaign was dubbed months later. This means that they already have Voice Over in every language (the lack of this usually delays the publication of the characters … like the NOT zombie Carmine of Gears 4) and despite this the character after 8 months from the launch has not yet been inserted. Clay, Lizzie, Cole, Baird, Paduk were clearly Day-One characters who were sent back to pretend there was support.

Pahanu itself is the island of the DLC that they will publish in the future and despite this they put it there today (I know it comes out on the 31st). But then … the Hivebuster comic had to be released between March 2019 and July 2019 to allow fans to get to know Team Scorpio before the game was released. We are in April 2020 and the last book has yet to come out.

TC is a disorganized society, lazy and full of itself. The PR are all mounted. One of the guys in Gears 4 openly insulted fans when they accidentally released the 100-credit UIR package (with people taking hundreds) and then put it to everyone at 4400. What do they have learned from this? To put characters EXCLUSIVELY for a fee! Great TC! Always better!"


Cool story bro


I could not understand a single sentence from any of that.


As someone who has worked on the engineering side of the automotive industry for nearly 15 years, I will use my experience to assume much like the process of building a car, making modern AAA video games is not easy. There are many moving pieces and many teams that must work well in unison. Deadlines are ever moving, new challenges arise daily, and if everyone from the CEO to the Janitor are not on the same page, you are going to have hiccups. However, if money is on the line, you will ALWAYS find a way.

Yes, I am near certain sacrifices to the intended image of Gears 5 were made. I am sure that there was meant to be more to the campaign, and more MP content. However, when the company paying to keep your lights on makes a deadline, you DO NOT miss it.

Microsoft: Are you going to meet the launch date?
TC: I don’t know, we have a full chapter of the campaign missing and only 7 MP maps.
Microsoft: And…?
TC: We… will… find a way.

If I am going to accuse TC of anything you laid out in your post, it would have to be the word “disorganized”. This is clearly a team of some very talented people, and despite some a recent pushes to be more forward with what they are working on, they still seem to struggle with getting information out to a majority of their playerbase. Yesterday Octus mentioned that they had allocated too many resources to tile creation and not enough to Map design. This isn’t greed or ineptitude, its mismanagement.

Back to the real point, a lot of what you’re saying may be true, but announcing these truths doesn’t alter the reality we live in. The game clearly shipped before it was ready, and now we have to wait for TC to catch up. If we truly love this series like we all claim to, let’s wait until they release the additional note tomorrow regarding changes to PVP and PVE, and see how close we get the the game that should have launched all along. Then if needed, wait for TC to correct their errors. because honestly… there is not other game out there that scratches the itch like Gears. We need TC to make a great game, just as much as they need us to buy their content. This is a symbiotic relationship.


That’s the point. They are disorganized and it’s a real shame.


we know this game needed another Year of development and MS forced TC to launch due to a weak 2019 Holiday lineup from Xbox.

This really puts into perspective the bad decision for Microsoft to go forward in it’s next-gen plans to “launch on everything” and “no one gets left behind”. all it does it create a lowest common denominator situation where all these new games need to function on outdated HW from 2013 and fail to take advantage of this great new tech.

Sony is doing it correctly with PS5, new generation and a dividing line between last gen and next.


Its cool what MS is trying to do but they need to learn to delay games and just stop supporting the og xbox

Also regardless of a weak 2019 holiday line up this game deserved to be delayed .Delay Gears and let Halo shine with the next gen then release Gears. TC could have kept a few people making BS characters while the rest fixed a lot of the problems.

It’s clear as day to get the gist of what the person is saying. MS and TC cut content and there’s dlc, Gridlock removed. I had a feeling that screenshot was from a map we still haven’t seen. They’re ■■■■■■■ with us. The drip feeding everyone keeps yammering about.


lol, hey Rod is known for getting Games out the door and he did that

I bet more than few people at MS are happy with the decision and would gladly do it again just to see GamePass numbers balloon like they did with Gears 5.

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I keep saying this was supposed to be a Scarlett launch title. This post makes me think that I’m right and all this "Operation " crap is just on disc stuff that TC pulled from the “final build” of the launch game to use as fake dlc, because MS made them release it on the xb1 instead of Scarlett. Maybe MS themselves intended a Series X launch. In reality TC was nowhere near ready for launch and it shows tremendously wth all this lack of maps and ■■■■. If this isn’tthe case TC really are incompetent then. No ■■■■■■■ way do you only have 7 maps after 3 years of development. No way. Would explain all the b.s. speak and half ■■■ and shoddy attempts at "listening to the community ".

Judgment was allegedly supposed to be DLC for Gears 3. It would explain why the Aftermath campaign doesn’t fit the same tone or play style as Judgment’s. They also just did an overwriting of Gears 3’s codebase. Models and art assets are the same. The squad is Cole Baird Paduk and Clay, but then all of a sudden here comes an Alex Brand skin in Judgment?

Epic pulled a TC years ahead. Just like Delivery Mac, Alex was added due to “popular demand”…Alex is NOT a fan favorite character. She wasn’t randomly added to the pvp roster either. The save Carmine campaign happens, and then Judgment releases with him as the 4th squad member in Aftermath? I don’t think so. I’m thinking that when the savage grenadier does the arm rip at anvil gate, that was the point where Clay was supposed to die, and that Alex was meant to be in his place on the mission to find the UIR. That stupid bath tub scene isn’t canon and it’s the dumbest joke death ever. Alex doesn’t look complete, amd as fans pointed out, didn’t have her tat or look exactly like her comic counterpart.

Then there’s the boat on a building in Aftermath, and lo and behold, Gears 3 just happens to wind up with a map called Aftermath, which features a boat on a building, and the map has the same color pallet and backstory theme behind it that that sequence in Aftermath campaign has?

So I’m thinking that TC got ■■■■■■ over by MS andhad to cut their own game down. They won’t come out and say it of course, but Gears 5 just feels incomplete. There’s only four acts in this one, plot points don’t get resolved -Baird and JD, Fahz and JD being buddies and goingon missions, and finally, they come back to help in Act 3 and all of a sudden they’re all willing to work together?

Paduk was in the early leak for Gears 5 as was the Onyx Guard. Was Onyx Guard really a skin? Was he not a character they couldn’t balance in time and scrapped, resulting in a two set of skins?


I mean MS did bank from people buying 3 years of Gold just to get the $1 deal. But they are losing out on this game. Between the hero system and broken release/updates Gears could be making a lot more $$$$

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Yup, and I keep saying it, I really hope Gears 6 gets delayed.


I REALLY hope that New Ephyra map surfaces at some point. It was one of the best locales in the campaign and would be perfect for Horde/Versus. How did we not get a “Azura Ruins” map, either?? It’s the first location in the game!

I agree that the game was rushed out half-baked. It’s crazy that we’ll have to wait almost a year to get Paduk when he’s one of the main characters in the campaign. And yes, O don’t care if it takes 5 years, make sure Gears 6 is fully finished before releasing it.


Plus the fact that at 6 mos. In Gears 4 had 10 launch maps, plus 2 maps a month in those 6 months. 22 maps right? Where’s that work effort? Why all of a sudden do they say “to make maps take a few months to make just one”? ■■■■■■■■. If you have a team make that many maps and then you launch a game with 9 maps in that same amount of time? (I’m including Pahanu but not the Gears 4 ports…God I keep almost calling it Punani LMFAO)


Big time games going through development struggles is pretty common. Many times the games get cancelled or are basically DOA with support ending short after launch (Anthem). Gears 5 is neither of those, so yes while there are clearly struggles internally with this game, it still got launched in a relatively good state, and is seeing a lot of post launch support.

I understand some people in the Gears community are not happy with how Gears 5 launched and where it is now, but calling TC disorganized and lazy isn’t right either. Gears 5 is a massive game with a ton of modes and a lot of different players to cater to. This is also one of the most difficult communties to please in all of gaming.

And for those saying “dump the game and start on Gears 6”. Yeah then you are basically asking for franchise suicide. Let TC correct their mistakes with 5 and deliver the best game they possibly can. I dont wanna even see another Gears for at least 2-3 years IMO. Gears 5 still has a lot to deliver and has a ton of potential. We are just seeing some new modes, and the game has seen a lot of gameplay adjustments compared to launch.

TC (and Microsoft really) took a lot of risks with Gears 5. They got rid of the season pass and revamped the entire game to basically use a live service model. This was a massive shift for Gears and the community itself is still adjusting to it. I do think we will see this again in Gears 6 so going forward I dont think it will be as bumpy as it was in 5. The foundation has been laid out. Let them fix it up before even contemplating another game.

Should this have been better by launch? Yes, a lot of it should have been. But none of us know the specifics of what this game went through during development, what decisions MS made, what decisions TC made, etc. No point dwelling on the past. Let’s work with what we got now and move forward. At the very least TC has admitted to a lot of their mistakes and are willing to improve basically everything, a lot of which we have already seen with more promising things to come in Op 3.

Call me a blind optimist, I don’t care. I just love Gears so much and I never want to see it fail.

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The difference is Gears 4 only had 2 core modes. Versus and Horde. Both modes use the same maps. So all of their map development was focused on the same thing.

Gears 5 has 5 different core modes, 4 that require their own separate and unique map designs. Versus/Horde, Escape, FFA, and 2 v 2 Gnashers. Not mention custom map builders, which they haven’t even delivered yet for Versus/Horde. So it is MUCH different this time around with Gears 5. You now have 5 different modes, 4 of which that require different types of maps. It is extremely ambitious and clearly way more than TC could handle.

Now I’m not saying I agree with their decisions, but I can at least understand why it is not the same situation as Gears 4. It’s entirely different.


I mean, I appreciate their focus on making more variety , but this is also killing the game itself.


I’m not disagreeing with this. Gears 5 is insanely ambitious and TC clearly bit off more than they could chew.


I know right. I’m so sad about all this, because Gears of War is my favorite franchise of all time. It’s the first time I feel worried about a company, but I hope they’ll get the right way eventually.

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But to be fair, Gears 4’s multitude of maps included rehashes, even going so far as rehashing the launch maps it came with. The only one I thought had a unique spin on it was Reclaimed Windflare, and that map really deterred camping up top and looked grim it was excellent.