Implications to a Freelance option in Ranked

For the most part, playing competitive is ment to be a team basted setting were communicating with your team and calling out for one another is the idea of functional team work, and the foundation of winning.

But for some, they tend to wanna improve themselves and push their own limits and test their awareness, speed, multitasking abilities and other such ideas that come with soloing in a competitive games. I feel as those it also be just as rewarding of a feeling, then with a full drawn out team assisting you.

A Freelance optional tab before joining in a Ranked game would seem very simple of an add-on (only match solo players) and wouldn’t completely bring a big fresh of air to the room, but more of a quality of life option for those with the same feeling. I do enjoy ranking with others, it’s online for christ sakes, play with friends, have fun, crack some jokes and win! But. . . there is the other side to it.

Ive had games where they bring in a friend, I dont think much of it, if not I tend to think it’s a good thing. Communication is great efficiently. But as we play the game, the “friend” isnt really cut out for the lobbies his buddy put him in. And its forcing the game to a 3v4 right off the bat.

This is something I run into WAY too offten and its quit frustrating, especially when its BOTH of them, who aren’t ment to be in a high ranked games. And being able to avoid this would be another benefit to me and many others of having a Freelance option.

I hope you guys have a great day, let me know you opinion on a Freelance opinion the replies!

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I wouldn’t ever use it, even as a solo player… cause it might toss me into a mode I don’t want to play lol

I get the idea though.

Unless you’re saying basically solo queing and stacked quing for the mode you wanna play, they just don’t have the population to do that if so… granted the leaderboards will ease up that matchmaking a little in that regard cause it doesn’t have to look for ranks +2/-2 anymore.

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“Nah” - Anthony Carmine, pre-sniper death

Oddly enough, I think I played against you like a year or so ago. If I remember correctly, you were quite good.
In reference to your post I just kinda skimmed it. So I don’t have any input @Mark36111.