Implementing Population Count For Verses Game Types

Hello all,

I am curious if this was ever discussed in the forums, but could TC possibly implement a population count for how many people across the world are playing game types like execution, escalation, etc. Sometimes I have trouble finding games at certain times of the day. Maybe having a population count on the screen could help those who have trouble finding games for their desired game types. They could then choose another game type until more people matchmaker on their desired one. Just a thought. Unless there’s a link I could visit to easily obtain this info?

A New Opponent


Hello A New Opponent,

This has been suggested a few times before on the forums and it’s something I agree with having.

I also would like the Gears 2 style system whereby when players are found it shows you while matchmaking. That way I can know if after 5 minutes there’s 9 of us looking for 1 player or only 2 of us looking for 8 players.

Hopefully TC can add this in Gears 5.




That’s right! I forgot about the Gears 2 matchmaking user interface. That was very helpful too in its time

And clearly missed in this time :+1:

gears4 belongs in the stone age with all the none info they give a player in gears4. on every aspect it looks like that the creators of g4 never played nore even knew any gears games.
with there lying estimated waiting times while searching for a match.